The Night Watch is a quest within Duskwood via the game World of Warcraft.

I’m afraid you’re all I’ve got to help here, <name>. Stormwind’s forces are so taxed by greater evils that they can’t spare a single footman to protect Darkshire. It’s up to me and the rest of the Night Watch to keep our homes safe.

There’s more threats here than just wolves, unfortunately. Rotting horrors roam near Blind Mary’s Haunt, on the southeast outskirts. If they’re not kept in check, they’ll be visiting our homes in the night.

Deal with the undead and report back to me for your bounty.

Quest Objective:

Kill 8 Rotting Horrors near Blind Mary’s Haunt, southeast of Darkshire.

The Night Watch Guide

The Night Watch
The Night Watch

The zombies you’ll need to get rid of are in the coordinates of 81,58. They’re roaming around near a small hut and farm and their respawn is pretty dang quick. Unfortunately, they won’t drop a ton of cloth if you do decide to stay here for a while and kill them, but it is pretty nice XP.

The only thing you really need to worry about is the leftover noxious fumes surrounding them when they die.

The Night Watch Rewards

Some of these rewards will vary depending on what class you’re playing, as well as the level you’re currently at. Thus, I don’t give the exact rewards.

  • Currency
  • Experience
  • 250 reputation with Stormwind