Supplies from Darkshire

The supplies that you need for Supplies from Darkshire come from Madame Eva. So basically, enjoy your leisurely stroll.

The Hermit

The Hermit is a simplistic quest that simply requires you to go from one location to another...but there may...

Wolves at Our Heels

Wolves at Our Heels needs you to go out and slaughter some wolves for the love of Duskwood. Apparently...


Crewless is a mission that could've been finished before actually accepting the quest, but here's a guide anyway.

The Wolf’s Fate

The Wolf's Fate requires you to speak with Elpenor. There, you'll have a conversation ending in death,

Onwards to Phokis

You've done the deed required of you in The Wolf of Sparta, and now you must continue forward in...

The Wolf of Sparta

You have a crucial choice to make in The Wolf of Sparta, and it certainly has an effect on...

The Final Push

The Final Push is the quest where you'll be battling the enemy--Athens--for a big chunk of reward.

The Athenian Leader

Once you've decreased the Nation Power enough, it's time to take down The Athenian Leader in his isolation.

A Family Ordeal

A Family Ordeal gets you in touch with Odessa again and she's not exactly happy with her current lifestyle.

One Man Army

Need help with who to kill and where for the mission One Man Army in Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Check...

Crumble and Burn

Crumble and Burn demands that you light up the War Supplies within the southeastern port.

A Journey into War

A Journey Into War instigates a fight with several ships on the way to Megaris. Destroy them.

Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes is one of the missions available when heading to Megaris in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

The Blood Fever

Needing help with The Blood Fever, or need more information on the mission in question? Here's what we have...

Shark the Vagrant

Do you dare to dive into shark-infested waters for a necklace? Well, in Shark the Vagrant, that's exactly what...

The Bitter End

Don't mistake The Bitter End for being the end of the game--it's just the end for this Airman's fellow...

Research Assistant

The Research Assistant requires some fish life as samples to do some testing, which means it's time to upgrade...

Best Before

Conger Eels are Best Before they become a pile of rot in your inventory, apparently. So go out thee,...


Hermitage requires you to find a Family Crest so the Hermit can give it to his brother as a...

Lost at Sea

A Grieving Father won't ever see his son again, and he doesn't have anything to remember him by--find the...

A Place to Rest

The Builder wants to get the heck out of Greater Marrow, so let's build her A Place to Rest...

Package Delivery

The Mayor requests a Package Delivery that needs to get to its destination in good time--which means dawdle and...

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