The XXXPerience (NSFW)

So you’re either on this page because you’re curious what the XXXPerience is all about, or you’ve got a specific itch in gaming that you can’t quite scratch because it never seems to be there in the games you choose to watch or play.

By “specific itch“, I mean NSFW games with a bit of ASMR whispering to their text.

That’s where I come in with what I do. Play NSFW games. And ASMR whisper while playing them.

We’re talking mainly visual novels, because they’re the ones with the most amount of text to them, but it could trail off into other genres as well.

Do I ONLY have ASMR content?


There are ASMR playthroughs, and then there are commentary playthroughs which are more like livestream content where I talk in my normal voice. There also won’t always be NSFW content, but everything is labeled so you can pick and choose what you want to watch.

Where’s the content, woman!?

Okay, okay.

Below you’ll find all the games I’ve got content on, and all of them are for people ages 18+.

Furry Shades of Gay

Podcast Episode:

Goblin Down


Help! I Need to Stretch Out for Valentine’s Day!


Hentai Police


Sex Hotel Simulator


Succubus’s Making Lunch