World of Warcraft, where love is war…because we love WoW, but we’re constantly at war with all these expansions.

I’ve lost so many years to this game, what with starting just a little before the release of Wrath of the Lich King (2008). I’ve used a ton of WoW tokens since then to keep up my subscription, but I’ve also stopped using a lot of those tokens just because I’m a hoarder and hate spending money.

Yeah, it’s a problem.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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Is there a supporter’s playthrough of this game?

There is no supporter’s playthrough of World of Warcraft, but if you’re looking for a supporter’s section, our no-censored NSFW videos are available over on our Podia courses.

Who is this game for?

Explanation to Negative Feedback

Questing can be too repetitive

There’s only so many times you want to go through specific zones and fly through the quests to get to the level you want to be at. And while yes, there are ways to get boosted (such as with in-game WoW Tokens) or even set a faster leveling pace with in-game addons (Zygor Guides being one of them), questing can still become a pain in the ass to those who don’t wish to take either of those paths.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

Collecting pets

Battle pets was huge when it first became a thing, and while I don’t delve into it too often, I do believe people still enjoy capturing and battling with their pets to max level. It’s not so reminiscent of Pokemon, but it’s a light tip of the hat toward it.


If you’ve not watched some of the transmog videos on Asmongold’s YT channel, then you’re missing out on some damn good transmogs people have created. I have to say, through all the questing and dungeoning and raiding and crafting, you can become quite the stylish person in WoW.

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As of this post, there’s 4,215 points to achieve.


The dragonflights of Azeroth have returned, called upon to defend their ancestral home, the Dragon Isles. Battle to level 70 as the Dracthyr Evoker, explore four new zones, conquer eight new dungeons, and enter a new age of adventure today!

Game Length

Let’s just say you can lose a lot of your years in this game

Replay Value

Almost every day, or at least every weekly reset


World of Warcraft Review

We’re nine expansions deep!

  1. The Burning Crusade
  2. Wrath of the Lich King
  3. Cataclysm
  4. Mists of Pandaria
  5. Warlords of Draenor
  6. Legion
  7. Battle for Azeroth
  8. Shadowlands
  9. Dragonflight

But no, really, I’m amazed at how far World of Warcraft has come since I first started playing it, even though I was never there at the beginning. There are always going to be hiccups with every expansion. There are always going to be complaints.

Enjoy the game as it is. Cherish the moments that were.

In saying that, World of Warcraft might never consider itself as the best MMORPG out there, but it’s still a damn good game.

It’s got some amazing cutscenes throughout your questing a raiding experience, stellar background music, entirely dependent on which zone you’re in. There are so many addons that you can use in the game to make things better for you. PvP if you feel like cutting characters down, PvE if you’re up to getting the most out of the lore and expansions.

Or, if battling pets and collecting them all is more your speed, the more power to you.

The main thing here is that World of Warcraft doesn’t cater to one specific thing. You can do so much in this game from roleplaying with transmog gear on to simply making gold, which doesn’t take much play time to do if you know what you’re doing.

Personally, I like farming mats.

And if you’ll forgive my moment of reminiscing, the first time I saw someone playing this game, it was during my college time. He was playing it on his laptop and I only caught a five-minute glimpse, because all he was doing, was running.

That’s right. The character he was on, was running on a path, presumably to get to the next quest destination.

I remember saying, “That looks like fun.”

Sarcasm, of course.

Curiosity overcame me eventually. Lo and behold, here we are at the Dragonflight expansion, and I’m still playing the damn thing, except (unless you’re new) navigation is no longer about running from one place to another. Thank the lords we can get mounts at a low, low level of new-character, if you’ve got the chauffer. And you can fly in almost every zone.

All-in-all, now that you can become a draconic being and fly, it’s a good time to WoW.