Welcome to The Gaming Experience

Here, I hope to provide you with not just your average gaming reviews, but in-depth reviews of games that you’ve either not played yet and are on the fence about, or just wish to know someone else’s opinion on them. A lot of these posts will be work in progresses as I go through them section by section, so bear with me on that.

I also do livestreams of games on my YouTube channel, where I play a vast majority of games. The YouTube itself is attached to my alternate product site, but it still features my reviews on games–both short and long–as well as some bloopers sprinkled in.

And then, of course, there are the guides sprinkled throughout the site.

If there’s ever a moment where you think the post is grand or needs work, don’t hesitate to give it a rating, as that helps me know if something needs more work done to it or not.

Game on,



Don’t expect the news to have any kind of order to it.

It might be super sporadic on the kinds of game listings, but that’s exactly what this section contains, and it’s kind of a fun random dive. To be honest, I might redo the published dates to make them date-appropriate and have them in some kind of order, but for now, they’re as spontaneous as my mind is when it comes to deciding what games to write about.

Anyway, to be a bit more clear, the News category contains “game release dates.”

So if you’ve played a game on a specific date, then I might have a post of “games released on this date” and you might find a variety of other games that were released on the same date.

If you’re lucky, that is.

There are a lot of games out there, and even more dates to go with them, so don’t expect me to have a whole lot of these posts, or an everyday sequence. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Even though I wish I could.


These reviews aren’t really your normal ones where I just talk about the game as a whole.

Instead, I give my thoughts on every aspect of the game, including the title screen, gameplay, graphics, characters, narrative, and soundtrack. Each of those main headings have sub-headings to dive a bit deeper into things. Sometimes there’s not much to say regarding some of those aspects, depending on the game, so sometimes I’m a bit heavy on my words while other times not so much.

For a sample of some of these reviews, check these games out:

If you prefer to read shorter reviews, then you can find most of them on my other website, Worthy of Me. Also, if I do have a shorter review, I’ll mention it on the specific game review on this site, that way you can jump on over or not.


You’ll be lucky to find a game that I’ve written all the guides to.

I apologize for this, I really do, but I’m ADD AF and because of this I jump around games and it gets difficult to actually write out a guide of every single quest in a game. Especially really long games like The Witcher 3 or any of the Assassin’s Creed games. I’m only one person, y’know?

But when it comes to some quest guides, I make sure to add in images to show you what exactly I’m talking about in some sections.

Not only that, but if I know people have a lot of questions regarding something, I’ll try to add an FAQ section into the guides to help out a bit more.

“Who is this game for” Categories

Within game review posts, you’ll most likely see the “who is this game for?” in the FAQ section. Because they aren’t gaming genres per se, I decided to dice everything up for what gamers might be looking for.