Seasoned Wolf Kabobs is a quest within Duskwood via the game World of Warcraft.

Seasoned wolf kabobs are a house favorite! Sure, I can make you some. But first I’ll need the supplies.

Bring me five wolf skirt steaks. The dire wolves near the river north of town are good to hunt; I wouldn’t stray too far into the woods if I were you.

Quest Objective:

Gather 5 Wolf Skirt Steaks from Dire Wolves.

Seasoned Wolf Kabobs Guide

Seasoned Wolf Kabobs
Seasoned Wolf Kabobs

The quest-giver is located inside the Inn of Darkshire, in the back area where there’s a fire going.

You’ll find the wolves you need to kill in the northern section along the bank, in the same area you might’ve completed Wolves at Our Heels already. The coords are around 72,19, if you’re curious. Unfortunately, you couldn’t have gotten these quest items while killing the wolves any other time, because it’s quest-specific.

Once you’ve looted five, head back to the inn.

Seasoned Wolf Kabobs Rewards

Some of these rewards will vary depending on what class you’re playing, as well as the level you’re currently at. Thus, I don’t give the exact rewards.