Goblin Down, I’d say get her back up, but girls don’t work that way.

All right, I’ll admit, it looked kind of cute with the graphics and not half bad and I was right. It really wasn’t that bad. I got kinda bored of all the human NSFW games and figured this might be a nice change of pace. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, and this was a win.

Who is this game for?

Game length

1.5-2 hours


Explanation to Negative Feedback

3 clicks for next scene

Whenever there was a scene transition, you have to click three times in order to get to it and I have no idea why. Did they think the anticipation of what was to come would heighten the more they stalled us by clicking, because that’s a no.


It does contain cheating, so this might be a turn-off for some people.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

Nice artwork

I always like to give credit where it’s due when certain things are exposed in these types of games and the artwork is nice to look at in the NSFW scenes, as well as scenes outside of them.

Two routes

Obviously if you don’t want to go the cheating route, there is another one you can take via an option within the game, and that does make the game a bit shorter than if you chose the other route.

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Goblin Down Review

TL;DR Review

There really isn’t much to say in the positive feedback section, but that doesn’t mean this game was bad by any means.

It was pretty obvious as to what direction it was heading toward, as far as why our wife was getting frisky with an orc when we were her husband, despite always going out on long trips and leaving her all alone. With some people that alone would make them want to seek out the affection of others.

But she knew what she signed up for with his expeditions when marrying him, so her behavior is still very much frowned upon.

Except the game makes it out to not quite be her fault and more the orc, since her and her husband were unaware of something that the orc clearly knew about and used to his benefit.

Honestly, the husband is stupid.

I’m just going to go out and say it. He talks smack about the dumb goblins at the start of the game and ends up being trapped by them and that just shows you how dumb he’s going to be as the game goes on.

He was outplayed by goblins and an orc.