Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake, now we can be traumatized in a graphically better way.

I absolutely loved the original and was super excited to see that they’d made a remake of it, because it was just an emotional roller coaster that made me fall in love with the character bonding and…what came after.

Who is this game for?

Game length

Around a 3-4 hour mark


Explanation to Negative Feedback

Camera turns slow

And I mean really slow. It takes its time with the rotation, and maybe that’s because it doesn’t want you to miss out on seeing anything around you. I just wish they’d let it swing around at a normal pace. Not a snail’s.

The environment is nice and all, but we want to see where we’re going.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

A lot more interactions

Especially when you’re going through town, you can interact with so many things even if they don’t amount to anything. It’s just fun to see what the characters will do when approaching something that we couldn’t do anything with before.

Graphically appealing

Not that it didn’t have its charm when it first came out, but gamers these days have a thing for graphically updated games that feature a semi-realistic style to their cutscenes, and the remake touches base on it a bit. The younger brother looks cuter and the older brother looks a bit more charming.

Soundtrack is so good

I swear in some cinematic events the soundtrack gave me that ASMR feeling.

Links Worth Checking Out

  • Nothing here


  • A sad tune – Play the music box for the sole survivor
  • Behind the curtain
  • Black sheep – Dunk the sheep in the campfire ashes
  • Bunny buddies – Dunk the white rabbit in the campfire ashes
  • Call of the giants – Blow the giant horn
  • Falling star – Stare at the graveyard statue for a shooting star
  • Love birds – Engage with the two birds until they’re reunited
  • One last game… – Throw the basketball through the hoop
  • Spin me around
  • Take a break – Head down to the water near your home and skip rocks
  • Turtle soup
  • Whale song
  • Windpipe
  • Wishing well – Throw the basketball down the well

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

TL;DR Review

I appreciate the fact that they tried to elaborate more on the cutscenes than what there was in the original, but I feel like the original just hit harder without much exchange in the form of talking.

They don’t use an actual language that we understand, so I feel like it’s more powerful to limit the gibberish, otherwise we’re sitting here listening to something we can’t comprehend while they go through the motions of explaining what we can understand. Meanwhile we’re also waiting to play the actual game.

One of the things I definitely noticed, especially during the dog chase scene is that in some of the events where it might be a life or death situation, they’ve made things a bit harder to get through.

That dog killed my slowpoke of a little brother way too many times.

Also, now that I’m talking about a minor complaint, another really minor complain is that in some of the cutscenes there’s a bit of stuttering. Not much, and definitely not a game-ruiner, but it’s a thing.

I think the biggest impact this remake gives the game is that scenes that hit heavy before hit even harder with the better graphics.

I mean, it can certainly switch from a happy moment to a wait-what? inspired depression.

I’m just not sure if I’m sold on liking the remake more than the original at this point, even though it certainly has its perks.