Marauder Armor is equipment within the game Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Where to Get Marauder Armor

Marauder Armor in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Nellie sells this at the Hunters’ Camp where the blacksmith house is for the initial base price of 800.

However, this price can change depending on the outcome of the haunting case of Hammer and Tongs. If you decide to Blame Nellie (for sure) or Arther (probably?) the price for Marauder Armor will go up to 1000 due to poor favor with you.

If you decide to Banish Fortune, Nellie will lower the price to 600 due to you being in good favor with her.

If Nellie is no longer alive, Arther will become the new merchant after you rest at a shelter.

Materials for Upgrading Marauder Armor

In order to fully upgrade Marauder Armor, here’s the material list you’ll need:

  • Elite Gem – 1
  • Inky Cap Coprin – 2
  • Lilac Hyacinth – 10
  • Magnetite – 8
  • Nest Silt – 1
  • Scourge Accretion – 4
  • Silver – 12
  • Striped Wintergreen – 16
  • Translucent Fiber – 6
  • Void Splinter – 1

By fully upgrading this equipment, your final stats will end with the following:

  • Physical resistance (%) – 46 (up from 31)
  • Vitality – 58 (up from 28)