The Missing Map is a mission in The Wolf Hunt within Megaris of the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The Missing Map Guide

Retrieve the tablet from the thief

The Missing Map
The Missing Map
The Missing Map

You’ll find this quest within the town of Pagai, given to you by a soldier in a tent.

Once you have it, head toward the location in question until you’re close enough to send Ikaros out. He’ll pinpoint it better for you. After that, all you have to do is untie the soldier and have a little chat.

You can ask him Why did you steal it? for a bit of extra dialogue.

What choice should you make?

  • Let’s make a deal
  • You can walk away from this
  • I’m taking the tablet

I mean, technically the soldier at camp told you if they’re a Spartan, to make sure their death is a painful one, so one would think you’d go with outright taking of the tablet. However, if you choose Let’s make a deal then he’ll give you the tablet as well as 100 drachmae and run off.

If you go for You can walk away from this, he’ll decide that he can’t fight you and will willingly give you the tablet and then stand there like a petulant child with his arms crossed.

Finally, the last option of I’m taking the tablet will result in the both of you fighting. Once he’s killed you get both the Traitor’s Spear and the tablet.

Whatever option you choose, afterward there’s a gang of enemies to ambush you.

If you chose the first option, then returning to the camp and lying to the guard that you dispatched the person responsible doesn’t have any ill effects. You get both the drachmae and compensation in the form of experience.

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The Missing Map Rewards

  • 2400 XP