Furry Shades of Gay, nothing but good boys over here.

I don’t often dip into the LGBQT games on Steam, and since I’ve got a community dedicated to the NSFW portion of gaming, I figured it was high time I step out of my little bubble to explore everyone else’s.

To a certain extent.

There’s a lot of weirdos with kinks that are beyond my brain’s ability to comprehend, so let’s just step into the gay pool first, all right?

Furry Shades of Gay

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Who is this game for?

Explanation to Negative Feedback

Artwork is lacking

This is kind of a big one for me and it made me put off buying the game for a while.

I understand not everyone can create artwork like Nekopara-style, but it has to at least be a little nice to look at. I mean, it’s a game where we’re visually seeing adult situations in one way or another, so if something doesn’t look good, we probably don’t want to watch them do whatever they think they’re doing, but doesn’t look anything like what they might think they look like they’re doing.


“Dorm Buddies” lacks consent

I have to say it, even as I was going through the Dorm Buddies scenario, it seemed a lot more non-censensual than consensual, so watch yourself on this one if the subject is too touchy for you. Robbie is over-the-top in pressuring for a fling and…it’s kinda not cool.

Grammatical problems

As someone who likes to read a good storyline as well as look at nice graphics, I caught a lot of misspelled words, or moments where a word was missing entirely. Normally one or two here and there aren’t a big deal…for bigger games. Seeing as these scenarios are sectioned off into shorter skits, it makes the errors in text more glaringly obvious.

And you want the gamers to read the hot action appropriately, not stumble over sentences that have non-capital letters, misspelled words, or missing words.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

Match-3 games require effort

Finally these aren’t some match-3 games where you can match what you need easy-peasy and move on.

Oh no. On these match-3 games you have to get a certain amount of a specific image in order to unlock a scenario, and sometimes it’s more difficult than you’d think. I had to play one round of match-3 about four different times in order to unlock the appropriate scenario. It was a refreshing change of pace.

Playable with one hand

I mean…I’m not wrong, and since this is for all the gay guys out there, even better, yeah?

Links Worth Checking Out


Game Length

Around the 4-hour mark if you’re going for all scenarios and endings.

Replay Value

Not much to it unless you want to come back for the routes you never unlocked.


Furry Shades of Gay Review

One thing to remember when playing Furry Shades of Gay that I don’t touch base on in any of the chapters we’ll be going through is that there’s a store you can click on in the top right, which looks like a bag of money. Here you can use the points you accumulate in order to get through some match-3 games a lot easier than having to replay them over and over and over like I’ll be doing.

They aren’t all easy.

And before spending all your money, do keep in mind that Who wants to be a millionaire is an achievement you can obtain when you’re at 100,000 cash.

Daddy’s Home

Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home

Maximus walks into their apartment after a hard day at work. But Riley, his husband, got a package in the mail, and is now waiting for Maximus in his new sexy maid costume. And man, this costume is extremely sexy indeed.

Daddy’s Home has four different endings that ends in a shower scene, and revolves around Riley and Maximus.

Basically, Riley has been waiting most of the day in his newly acquired maid outfit for his husband Maximus to come home. He’s positioned himself so when Maximus comes in, Riley can play coy while looking over his shoulder, saying, “Oh hey! I didn’t notice you coming in.”


Sadly, it doesn’t look like Maximus is really in the mood since he’s had such a hard day at work. He apparently can’t work up the energy to be horny. His words, not mine. And no matter how many times he tells Riley he’s not in the mood, Riley persists, and finally gets his way.

This is something I’m not really keen on. If someone’s tired and has had a rough day and just wants to not do something, it’s better to just leave them alone. Usually if they do involve themselves in whatever you want, they won’t be fully there mentally. And waiting can sometimes make whatever you wanted to do even better than not.

But Riley is just so constant with his pleading and being pushy without being outwardly pushy. It’s the perfect peer pressure scenario.

And when he sees a crack in Maximus’s resistance, Riley takes advantage, initiating the first Match-3 gameplay to choose a specific path.

First ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home

The first path we’ll take leads to something akin to a lap dance but with a bit more of a mess by the end of it.

In the first match-3 game of Riley needs to think of something!, you’ll want to aim for Beg for it!, which makes you clear the board of any icons until you acquire 600 points, making this a pretty easy game to complete, as the board has no blockades in it and is just a free for all.

Riley ends up crawling over to Maximus, on his knees, and basically doing that whole pouting and pleading and nuzzling thing, saying Maximus doesn’t need a shower, he needs a tongue bath.

If you want a good time, I think it’s best to not have cat tongue against your sensitive bits. I honestly can’t imagine how that would feel, but something tells me if you rub yourself down with sandpaper, you might get the same experience. But I guess pleasure comes with pain so…Maximus must be some kind of deviant or something.

By the end of this phase, Maximus is still very much contemplating that shower.

Let’s stop him.

In the second match-3 game of What will Maximus do?, you’ll want to choose He’ll put Riley to work. It’s a more difficult route because you’ll need 30 matches of the eggplant emoji, and the game really withholds them from you here. At least, that’s what it did with me. It took three tries before I was successful.

I wouldn’t call this particularly lewd, just more suggestive in the visual sense. You can clearly see Riley is getting Maximus all riled up with his little lap twerking. I can’t call it a dance, but I can definitely call it twerking his booty.

The next match-3 game of What’s next? will have you choosing Let Riley decide. An easy enough task given it’s just clearing the board of any matches to get a score of 1000, even if it does start off full of body blockers.

This is where the real NSFW scene comes out to play, with Riley sitting on Maximus’s lap.

The VA for this lewd scene does a wondrous job for the second portion of the animation where it speeds up. The hitches in breath really made me pause and do a head tilt to really listen to it. The first portion isn’t bad either but it didn’t snag me like the second half did.

Second ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home

The second path leads to Riley earning a mouthful. Of what, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked, but you’re sad I’m not answering.

In the second match-3 game of What will Maximus do?, you’ll want to choose He’ll sit down. It’s the easiest route to go for this section because it takes a lot fewer icons to match up.

This is where you get a NSFW scene that is not yet animated, but boy is it lewd.

After getting Maximus properly in the mood, Riley asks if he’s feeling more awake, leading to another match-3 game of Perhaps? You only have one proper outcome for this section and it entails matching 45 of the devil’s hearts. It seems like an easy task because the game starts you off with a ton of hearts on the board already, some of them with special effects. Once you get rid of them, it looks like you get a decent amount of hearts, plus the ability to match other icons for more special effects.

After you choose Riley’s lips are too good, Maximus asks Riley to move his lips up a few inches, and Riley all but pounces at the chance to do so.

This is where the next NSFW scene comes into play, along with the voice acted moans of the slow part and the faster portion. I have to say, I wasn’t too impressed with the vocals because of all the slurping sounds. It honestly made me gag a little to listen to it. I don’t know if I should clap that the VA made it sound so damn genuine or tell them to stop it. But it does sound like he’s put something in his mouth and is moaning around it, so if you like that noise…I can’t imagine what you’re like at the dinner table.

There’s also another route you can take that will give you this same ending.

Third ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home

The third path takes you back to the beginning match-3 game of Riley needs to think of something! Instead of the upper objective, you’ll be choosing Inspire jealousy, making Riley speak of his coworker in order for him to be “punished”. This game isn’t so bad, because it doesn’t really hold back any hearts that you need and there’s nothing to block the board and such.

Riley then gets the spankings that he’s always wanted by goading Maximus on until he says that he’ll do whatever Maximus wants. That then leads to the next match-3 game of What is Maximus’s will? You’ll want to go for Make use of Riley’s ass that’s obtained through 35 claw matches.

It’s not that tough to get it, but it did take me a couple tries. I think here’s where you’ll notice the game tries to withhold the icons you want.

This next scene is NSFW and involves Riley getting fingered in his tender shiny booty. It isn’t an animated scene though. The animated scene is in the match-3 of It better be fun! and obtaining 15 hearts for Keep tormenting Riley. His butt is no longer in the air, but that’s fine. He’s laid out on his back instead while Maximus both strokes and fingers Riley.

There’s not much to say about the VA during the first portion of the lewd scene, he just sounds like he’s enjoying himself if he was going at it in a slow and steady pace. The second part gets a little more involved with saying “daddy” and adding “deeper” onto the panting. Personally, I’m not fond of the whole calling someone their “daddy” but I get it’s a thing. But I liked the voice break on the second “deeper” in this section.

There’s also another route you can make that will give you this same ending.

Fourth ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home
Furry Shades of Gay - Daddy's Home

The fourth path comes from the match-3 game within the It better be fun! section. You’ll want to choose Give Riley the plowing he deserves and clear all the body blockers down to their skivvies and out of them. It might say there are 12 of them, but you’ll have to match next to them several times before they clear the board. This is probably going to be the main game that infuriates you due to so little places you can get icons, making it even harder to find matches where you want one.

Seriously, the board needed to be rearranged three different times on me before it gave me matches I needed, and even then they’ll sometimes be in places where they aren’t beneficial.

Once you make it out alive, Riley will be face down, ass up with no more waiting on an animated NSFW scene because you got it right here.

I think as punishment Maximus should’ve just gone slow the entire time, but that might’ve blue-balled the both of them before sparks went off. And after listening to all the other endings, this VA portion of moans just seems relatively normal for someone who’s taking it as well as Riley is.

I’m going to agree with Maximus here and say it isn’t really a punishment at this point.

It’s a pleasurement.

Dorm Buddies

Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies

Wolfgang puts his duffel bag down in his new dorm room, and in one of the best universities out there, no less. No sight of his roommate, though. But that’s not to last. The said roommate walk in, winks, introduces himself as Robbie, and slaps Wolfgang’s butt. Wait, what?

All right, so I’m not a huge fan of Robbie in this episode, and it’s because everything done here is basically borderline nonconsensual.

I read a lot of dark romance books. A lot of them are slave/master pairings and women sold to the highest bidder type of stuff and so I read a lot of “I’m going to do this to you and you’re going to like it.” And so the person, aka slave, has to do things they didn’t want to do initially. And they usually end up enjoying themselves despite the self-hatred that comes with it, but Dorm Buddies really reminds me of the males in those books, but with a lot more cockiness to him.

While in the books I read I expect these kinds of things to happen, I don’t expect it to be here in this game and I think maybe that’s putting me off as well.

There are four endings to Dorm Buddies.

Before we head into a specific route, we’ve got Wolfgang the grey wolf walking into his new dorm with a smile on his face because he has no idea he’s about to be dealing with the h*rniest bunny that puts every other horny bunny to shame. I know that rabbits don’t have anything better to do than make babies, but damn Robbie, that’s a wolf you’re wanting to bang.

Dorm Buddies is like a gay role reversal of Beastars.

In the first panel we get to see, Wolfgang might not know where his new roommate is, but we can see him in the background looking really sketch with a devious look and a finger resting against his mouth. Kind of like how someone has a finger slightly in their mouth as they approach you slowly, eyeing you up and down.

I say this like it’s happened to you.

Maybe it hasn’t.

It’s happening to Wolfgang though.

In the next panel we get a better look at this suave looking mother-f*cker in his school outfit with his jacket unbuttoned and his white shirt all crinkled. He has the audacity to point finger-guns at us. Who does that anymore? And he winks! I’m already sick of his shit.

Tell me you’re cocky without saying you’re cocky.

Anyway, Robbie introduces himself and tells Wolfgang, “You’re lookin’ good!” Wolfgang is then kind of at a loss for words because it’s a weird thing to state after first introducing yourself to someone. And I don’t blame him. Not only is this their first time meeting one another, but how often does a rabbit have green googly eyes for a wolf.

When you think there’s going to be small talk, Robbie pulls out the “hidden kissing spots” card, because that’s what we really need the deets on when first becoming adjusted to a university campus. He even pinpoints an exact location as a wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Does he think we’re going to go to this spot of his just because he wants to be kissed and more?

News flash Robbie, the big bad wolf wasn’t huffing and puffing because he was getting laid.

So they both think each other’s cute, the rabbit being more vocal about it. Wolfgang mentions the pizza he smelled earlier and asks if it’s any good and Robbie’s reply is one that has me cradling my face in my hands and shaking me head.

It’s great, just like you.

Because of course he said that.

Meanwhile, poor Wolfgang’s over here trying to ignore such comments, and while we’re trying to put our clothes in the empty drawers, Robbie grabs our ass.

Hello? I’m a f*cking wolf, hello? Predator-and-Prey 101, learned at an early age, did someone not get the memo? (Apparently neither one of us.) When we try to push him away and ask about it, Robbie says this:

I can smell a good lover from a mile away. And believe me, I can tell you’re the type to like this sort of thing.

What the f*ckery duckery doo dah day, bro? You can’t say shit like that! Also, you can smell a lover? Not just a lover, but a good lover. This jackass doesn’t even know us and already says he knows our type. What, the stand-offish type that doesn’t like their butt to be man-handled by someone they just met who’s been salivating so much he forgot to wipe the drool from his chin?

The bad part is that Wolfgang is starting to be a little bit interested in what Robbie’s doing, and it’s just…no.

Before I start doing a line-by-line here, let me just say one thing. You can ease someone into liking something without shoving their face into a bed and pulling their pants down.

There, I said it.

Also, every ending you finish actually ends with Robbie’s boyfriend walking in on the both of them lounging in the bed, and I’m just like, are you f*cking kidding me, Robbie? It’s cool that you’re polyamorous and in an open relationship or whatever but tell someone before you try to bang them. If I saw a goddamn grizzly walk in on us with a narrowed gaze aimed at me I’d die on the spot.

Not cool, man.

First ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies

Our first match-3 game comes with the title What should Wolfgang do? Except his name is spelled as “Woflgang” which makes it a bit funny because now I’m thinking about a waffle gang.

We’re aiming to match 25 claws for Stand his ground! because Robbie is being pretty aggressive when it comes to making us want something we’re not quite sure we actually want. I was able to achieve this on the very last move, so you might have a bit of trouble with the game giving you enough claws.

Unfortunately for Wolfgang, when he tries to shove Robbie away, Robbie enjoys the manhandling nature of it and instigates for our wolf to keep pushing him off until Wolfgang lands on top of Robbie on the bed. Apparently this makes us have a dominant streak.

I mean, at least they aren’t naked, right?

It won’t last.

With Wolfgang having a bit of a boner going on, we get to the next match-3 game of How to feel about it? with our only choice as Listen to Robbie. Robbie does not know best. This should be an easy one as it doesn’t hold the hearts back, even though there is an empty square in the center.

While Wolfgang admits he’s never done this before, Robbie says he’ll help him out.

The only problem is we’re trying to get up and off the guy, and in doing so, Robbie decides to take initiative in unbuckling our pants. While he’s doing that, we say:

Listen, you’re cute, but I don’t know if I should…

To which Robbie responds with…

Oh! Thanks. I knew you were into me, but I didn’t think you’d admit it so soon.

Jesus Christ

One man’s trying to be nice and not take advantage of a stranger and the other man’s like we might be strangers now, but just wait until our pants are off!

Our next match-3 game is for an answer to What now? which would be destroying all the booty calls for Just need to have a little think. As we think, we start to stand up, and now that Robbie’s taken our belt off, he’s all in and make a grab for what he wants.

With his mouth.

That’s right, we’re finally at our first animated NSFW scene with Robbie taking us into his mouth and practically swallowing us down, if only he could. He’ll have to settle for what comes out instead, and while this might not have been our intended situation, I am thankful that Robbie has finally shut up. Well, actually, thanks to the voice acting, he’s starting making noise.

It’s not as bad as the choking sounds from Daddy’s Home. It’s weird because it kind of reminds me of someone just intensely enjoying an incredibly moist popsicle on a hot day? Anyone else getting that image in their head? Robbie gives us a thumbs-up at some point in answer to a statement or question, but I’m going to pretend he’s agreeing with me.

When the animation speeds up a bit…I feel like I’ve heard these same grunts from people trying to have a bowel movement and it’s not quite working out.

That sounds bad, and I’m sorry to the VA, but it is what it is. Forgive me for my lapse of sanity, because this is just one ending in having to deal with someone like Robbie.

Second ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies

We’ll be branching off into the second ending during the match-3 game of What now? and instead of the previous choice, now we’ll be clearing 40 claws from the board for Must make a choice. You should be able to get them without too much trouble.

This next scene is a static NSFW image.

As usual, Robbie basically makes the choice for us by rolling onto his stomach and being face down, ass up. And since we’re kind of, y’know, still unsure whether we want to go through with what Robbie suggests, he takes even more initiative by undoing his belt and pulling his pants and underwear down.

While staring at his bunny butt, he uses his foot to push our pants down enough to free us, and then tells us to make him our bitch.

Well, shit.

Can’t say no to that, can we?

And with our next match-3 of The urge, it’s growing, we find out it’s not only an urge that’s growing as we match 38 hearts for Wolfgang will assert himself! This one is a bit more difficult due to the layout of it. There’s not many places for you to achieve match-3s, but I was able to get it on the first try with only one turn left, so it’s definitely possible. Just a pain in the ass.

Like we’re about to be for Robbie, hehehe.

Our last scene wasn’t animated, but this NSFW scene is, and as Sir Mix-A-Lot said, that butt was stuffed.

With us.

The voice acting for the slower part of the scene is kind of nice and romantic, there’s a bit of laughing so it’s not pure panting or anything like that. It’s basically someone being made love to, if I were to base it upon the sounds and the pace. Like when you’re enjoying each other and making mushy eye-contact throughout the act.

And then Robbie goes and says, “Don’t be shy,” which makes us pick up the pace.

I mean, I’ll say it’s about the same scenario, but with the faster breathing and panting. Definitely getting a lot of enjoyment out of it, that’s for sure.

Third ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies

The third ending starts on the match-3 game of What should Wolfgang do? after you’ve matched 20 blue paws. It’s a simple enough task.

Now, can you imagine a roommate you just met has grabbed your ass and you’re frozen on the spot because you don’t know what to do in this kind of situation and he takes your stillness for being into it. I’m sure there’s a facial cue here saying that we don’t exactly like it. I mean, even if things were growing in our pants department, that still doesn’t mean we’re into it.

As we stand there stammering, Robbie moves his butt massage to our hips, and then our groin. When we ask why he’s doing this, he responds with this:

I just like to have a good time, and to have a good time with other people.

EYES UP, ROBBIE. DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE’RE HAVING A GOOD TIME? We have a freaked out expression on our face, and if he takes that for obvious enjoyment, there’s obviously something wrong with him. Is there a doctor in the dorm? What’s the opposite of Viagra? Give him some of that.

Poor Wolfgang is so out of sorts, that he’s seeing himself as the one rubbing him down.

It’s actually a typo, but that just makes me think the devs were frazzled as they were writing this scene.

And now for the next match-3 game of But what to do!? Well, we’re going to Let Robbie continue, because we’ve made it this far, might as well see it through to the end since there’s an excited exclamation point in our pants.

We’re not quite to the sexual content yet, it’s still being stirred as Robbie shoves us backwards onto the bed. We make our usual complaints of this being our first time meeting, and Robbie makes his usual defense of “But we’re having fun!”


As we’re stripped down to our boxers, we come across another match-3 game of So, what would it be? We’re going to Let Robbie continue, and it’s not too challenging to wipe the booty calls off the board, as they’re all centered into a square. It should be simple to find matches next to them.

This is a NSFW scene that has a certain part of us in Robbie’s chokehold. The rabbit promises to be gentle, and because that’s us in his hand he’d better be or Wolfgang might grow a pair and punch him in his pretty-boy face.

I might be projecting a bit.

What he’s doing isn’t enough though, and he poses the idea of a two-for-one special.

The final match-3 game of So, what’s his decision? comes in the form of Say yes. So clear away 36 of those eggplant emojis, and maybe save one for later.

In this NSFW scene, we have animations of Wolfgang laid out on his back with an almost-ahegao face going on, while Robbie does the job of filling us up, and pumping us dry. I’m not much of a fan of Wolfgang’s voice acted section, but it’s not the VA’s fault. He’s got a slightly deep and heavy tone to his breathing and I think it’s just that heaviness of it that just doesn’t do it for me.

Fourth ending

Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies
Furry Shades of Gay - Dorm Buddies

Here it is. The fourth and final ending. Finally.

On the match-3 game of So, what would it be? we’re choosing Robbie has another idea. Turns out this guy is just full of them! And he’s going to end up filling our mouth with something new. Since every other thing was new apparently, why not this one?

I will say though, in this NSFW scene Robbie is pretty in pink. And I’m not talking clothes.

Too bad his mouth ruins it by saying it’s “a time limited offer.”

Well it’s in front of our face and Robbie is sitting on our chest so there’s no better time to continue than right now with the final match-3 game of So what’s the answer? Our answer is the obvious one: Screw it, Wolfgang wants to taste it. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but so is Robbie.

Can you imagine if Wolfgang accidently bit him down there after sliding it in without warning while we’re in the middle of saying something.

Again it’s the heavy vocals with the slurping, but at least the sounds didn’t put me off. And there’s really not much in the moaning department, just muffled grunts? It’s kind of a lackluster ending but Robbie deserves nothing more after the shit he’s put me through.

Old Flames

Cunningham sits at the bar. There’s a jingle, and two suits walk in. One of those suits is…Cameron? There’s no mistake, it’s him. They shared a few wild experiences years back when they were young. The memories flood in, but Cameron hasn’t noticed him yet.

Old Flames is a bit more wholesome than the last two chapters, as it’s about meeting someone after 12 years have passed and fond memories resurface. Sure, they can still get down and dirty despite all the years from then to now, but I still find it a lot more romantic than what we’ve been handed so far.

If that’s not satisfying enough, this chapter has five endings instead of the typical four. Yep, the flames are still lit with these two.

I also think the music in this one is my favorite so far.

First ending

You’re going to need to get through a variety of match-3 games in order to get to the first ending. Do you have enough patience for such a feat? If you do, then you’ll be happy to know the other routes for different endings won’t be nearly as long as this one. But you know, delayed gratification can be a good thing, so here’s to the first longest route.

After Cunningham hears an old lover’s voice from back in the day speaking with none other than Maximus from Daddy’s Home, he has to decide on whether he wants to interrupt their conversation or to leave them be. It has been a long time since the both of you had a thing going on, after all.

For this route, the first match-3 game is Cunningham says to himself. There’s actually a typo on the name and several others throughout the scenes in this chapter, making it feel a little rushed to me. You’ll aim for 20 devil hearts for Say hi, man! You haven’t seen him in years!

When you get the chance to speak, Maximus decides to head on out.

He knows what’s up.

So now we make some small talk about how we’ve been doing, and Cameron mentions that he’s been living the cushy life and has put on a few pounds. Cunningham is a real estate guy now. There are some lines that show up on a kind of voided background. The background without artwork basically, and I don’t know why the devs didn’t just keep the drawn characters there instead of phasing out to a blank screen.

Pretty soon we’re at the next match-3 game of And then what? Clear 25 eggplant emojis, which shouldn’t be too difficult even with such a small match-3 screen, and pick Cameron invites Cunningham to his penthouse.

Cameron mentions that he’s got a fast car, but a fast car isn’t a fast car if it has to drive at the speed limit of thirty.

And with two noticeable bulges in their pants, they get in the car.

Your next match-3 game of What happens now? will lead you to They can wait. It’s going to be even better later. Ain’t that always the case?

Once they’re at the penthouse, they have some wine in order to relax a little bit. Get loosey goosey for what’s about to come. Get it? What’s about to–okay, I’ll stop. The both of them start reminiscing about the old days when they’d go at each other like animals in heat as well as surfing and fishing, which Cameron wasn’t too much of a fan of.

All this talk and the bulges are still there, leaving you with a match-3 decision to make with a Yes or no? We’re going to take it slow here and choose to clear all the booty calls out of the way for the option of They can wait another minute. Do it properly this time and a NSFW scene.

I think this first ending being the longest path was worth the wait, because they don’t rush into any obscene positions and they don’t rough each other up or make it sloppy with an even sloppier ending. Instead, this is all about two people having went separate ways and once again reuniting to make love to one another. The voice acting is slower, tamer, gruff. There’s affection in the eye contact that’s maintained between the two of them, and it’s just…really sweet.

Afterwards, they’re snuggled in bed, Cunningham passed out while Cameron deletes the dating apps from his phone.

Second ending

The second ending starts with the match-3 game of Yes or no? and ends with you going for the Go wild! option.

And go wild they do.

I’m kind of surprised Cunningham is still so flexible in this NSFW scene, being older and not really seeming like he does any kind of exercise, despite his body looking a bit more toned than Cameron’s does. I mean, if I tried something like the position they went for, I’d be doing a faceplant.

They head into Cameron’s room and after a bit of wine at a table (how many bedrooms actually have a table with a couple chairs to sit at?), Cameron decides to give Cunningham’s leg the ol’ heave-ho with hiking it high and having him hold onto a table with one hand and Cameron’s shoulder with the other.

Everyone made it through the session except a glass that fell from the table Cunningham was being pounded against.

At least it didn’t shatter.

The voice acting was that of a deep, throaty sound.

Third ending

The third ending starts on the match-3 game of What happens now? and consists of you choosing the option They both can’t wait another minute.

I’m sure many of you have had the problem of sexual tension cresting to an all-time high when you’re enclosed in a car with someone who has too many clothes on and not enough of what you like to see on display. Of course, depending on who’s driving, you might not even have to take clothes off…but these two want a little something more than a quickie on a town road.

And so they find an alley, I guess, to park their car in? Which…is a little weird to me.

Yeah, you don’t want to be in an area with loitering people while your car’s rocking with no tinted windows for cover, but I don’t know. I guess if it’s a one-way road type of alley then it’d work out. I guess I’m just thinking of all the alleys that are too slim for a car to fit through.

Either way, in the NSFW scene, the two get rid of their pants and Cunningham climbs aboard Cameron for some stick shift lessons.

Afterwards, they head back to what looks like the same bar to get some drinks and catch up.

Fourth ending

The fourth ending can start on the match-3 game of And then what? where you’ll be choosing Cameron goes to the WC. This choice is one of the easiest ones to get, despite the limited amount space. One of the cons might be the fact that you don’t have any moves, and it rearranges itself on you. It’s for the better. Most of the time.

This gives a very short scene of Cameron needing to use the men’s restroom, and just before entering the room, he gives Cunningham a wink as a signal for him to join, leading to the next match-3 game where your only option is to Go after him.

This match-3 game is an absolute pain in the ass. I think I had to redo it six times before I was able to collect all 25 hearts. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but this game tends to hold the hearts back and will only give you a limited amount per all the other icons you destroy. You’ll either be very lucky to get the correct choice in a few tries, or very unlucky and have to repeat it over and over again like I did.

Once inside the bathroom, Cameron tells us to lock the door.

Boy you can definitely feel the dominant alpha vibes coming off of Cameron in just this scene alone. And unlike Cunningham, he’s not shy about what he wants as he pulls down his pants.

I mean, you have to remember that all we did was order a drink, so of course we’re going to be hungry. It just so happens in this NSFW scene that we’re hungry for what Cameron is offering and from the sound effects, we’re greedily sucking and lapping all of it up.

After the meal, we talk about meeting up again sometime in the near future.

Fifth ending

The fifth ending begins with the match-3 game of Cunningham says to himself. You’re aiming to get rid of 15 paws for Don’t disturb them, it’s all in the past. I’d say it’s pretty simple to complete first try.

Since we’re choosing not to disturb our past fling as they chat up someone else, we take a trip down memory lane instead, when the two of us were surfers and out on the beach.

Cameron wants to do something a bit more fun and thrilling, and Cunningham asks about doing donuts in a hotel parking lot with their motorcycles, to which Cameron replies with:

I’ll do donuts in your parking lot.

Nice dude, real smooth.

They decide the something fun could be done away from prying eyes, which means a half-mile run to the empty dunes.

This begins the next match-3 game of The memories flood in… where you’ll be matching 16 of the blue paws for Good times, and they got even better at the dunes. Another pretty easy task.

And while it might be empty when they reach the dunes, there’s always a chance of someone either following them to see where they’re going (think nosy kids if nothing else), or someone just meandering over this way to be alone as well. It’s the idea of being caught, of someone watching, that can really get the right person excited.

That doesn’t happen in this NSFW scene though.

Not that they need the extra excitement by how it looks. The best part is there’s no sand where there shouldn’t be, so everything goes smoothly with Cameron on top, Cunningham on the bottom, and raspy moans filling the silence.

Out of the daydream, we realize Cameron and his friend are gone, and order another drink of disappointment.

Defense Attorney

Alvin just passed the bar and on his way to his first actual real client. That client turns out to be the pinnacle of masculinity, with ripped arms, a magnificent mane, and…a bit of a bulge near the groin of his prison uniform?

This chapter is a scenario when one person is tempted to do something, but they know that it’s not the thing that they should be doing, and so they really shouldn’t do it, but they really want to, and since, you know what, the opportunity has presented itself, so screw it, they’ll do it anyway!

That’s literally the gist of what goes on, and despite having four endings, it’s relatively short compared to the others.

First ending

At the start of the first ending, we’re introduced to Alvin who is not a chipmunk, because if he was some of the scenarios would be positively brutal in the backstage department. He’s actually a defense attorney whose client is named Marcus. A lion that has happened to work as a bouncer and has connections with felons and who is obviously a felon himself…but for tax fraud, which isn’t so bad when you think of scary felons.

Alvin has to talk himself down from a fear of the lion before meeting him, seeing as his uneasy energy also comes from the fact that he’s not used to being near a prison.

And let’s face it, when it comes to prisons, we always think of the worst with anyone who’s in there for whatever crime they’ve committed. Now, I don’t know crap about tax law, so I’m going to leave all that up to Alvin here to ask the appropriate questions and obtain the much-needed answers to help his client out.

While going through some files, he sees an image of Marcus at his nightclub groping the butts of some male foxes, clearly indicating his sexual preference, and while Alvin hopes Marcus realizes groping a defense attorney’s butt is out of the question, he sees another photo with something interestingly shocking. His boss at the same club Marcus worked out.

I don’t really know how this would change things. It might mean that Alvin’s boss is gay, and he never knew that before now, but he still has a job to do whether someone who controls his paychecks likes their own gender or not.

Well, actually, after stating that, if Alvin’s boss likes Marcus, then Alvin better do his job good or his job will be on the line.

When Marcus finally walks in, he’s quite tall compared to Alvin, with bulging muscles–typical of a bouncer, of course–and a noticeable bulge in his prison uniform. Which just goes to show Marcus is a big boy in more ways than one.

Upon meeting, Marcus says:

I had no idea my defense attorney would be afraid of me.

I mean, it’s a fennec fox versus a lion here. Of course Alvin is going to be practically sh*tting himself when a prisoner of Marcus’s size walks in looking down on him, even if he wasn’t put away for something violent.

After Marcus reminds Alvin about the business and to man up in his presence, he thinks a little bonding is needed before business, because Alvin’s boss practically suggested it with saying Alvin is on the same level as Marcus. Which I’m now wondering why the boss would think that unless he saw Alvin doing something or saying something that would suggest it. Maybe he saw Alvin at one of those clubs?

While Alvin is confused by the “bonding” offer, Marcus says he’s free to run at any point, and that he’s never scared off a lawyer before.

Which makes me think this situation has happened before now.

About the same time Marcus’s bulge starts growing, Alvin figures out what he meant and it’s at this point he’s considering bolting, because, you know, it was supposed to be a cut and dry meeting between defense attorney and client, but he also kind of wants to stay.

So with the match-3 game of And then what?, we eliminate 20 claws to reach the conclusion of And then Marcus bends down and places his claw against Alvin’s crotch.

Sure, he’s doing it to be domineering while Alvin clutches at his briefcase, but he’s also pointing out a fact that they’re both excited for what might happen.

Spoilers: It’s not work related.

Within no time at all, Marcus has slowly teased his hand into Alvin’s pants, and it’s amazing that the poor fox hasn’t suffered some kind of heart attack yet or aneurism from all the misfiring his brain must be going through. But as soon as his arousal is at its peak, the next match-3 game of What’s happening? happens and we have to clear all the booty from the board for Alvin’s body responds even as he mumbles.

Marcus starts it off by saying:

I think it’s time you got out of that chair. Forget what’s in front; I want to see what you’ve got behind.

At least he doesn’t beat around the bush, yeah?

When Alvin doesn’t make a move out of confusion, Marcus lifts him out of the chair, to which Alvin has to wonder aloud why he wants to do this. Marcus explains it’s a fun time with no downsides, and…while there might be no downsides due to his boss pulling some strings to give them alone time, I can still kind of see where Alvin’s hesitation is coming from.

He’s by-the-book when it comes to his job.

He even tries to call Marcus by his last name, but is reminded they’re about to f*ck, so there’s no point in formalities.

It’s now or never with our next match-3 game being What is he going to do? for the grand prize of Marcus is going to give him a ride.

Once there, Alvin has no qualms about what he wants to do and says:

Screw it. Take me right now, you goddamn stud.

I have to agree, Marcus is a pretty muscular looking stud. Whoever did the artwork for the panels of this chapter really went all out with making him a magnificent beast. Body and girth.

After some pretty bold words from a guy who was clearly only wanting to do his job just moments ago, the next NSFW animated scene begins with Marcus holding Alvin up by his legs to hit those deep spots Alvin craves. We’ve got the breathy pants to go with the scenes, along with some oh f*cks to go with them, because have you seen how large Marcus is?

By the end, paper towels are being requested for clean-up and Alvin gets down to his actual job.

Second ending

The second ending is going to be an easy one to get to, as it starts with the match-3 game of What is he going to do? I did have to try twice in order to get 28 hearts for Marcus is going to bend him over, so it might prove to be a little troublesome, but maybe not.

Once you’re through, you’ve got the animated NSFW scene of Marcus smashing Alvin’s like button. He has to promise to not be too rough first though, more than once, in fact. He’s a lion guys, Alvin’s allowed to be a little nervous about the plundering of his booty.

I really liked the voice acting for this one, honestly. It was slow sounding, just like how Alvin wanted it. Maybe a bit too slow for some people, but don’t worry…Marcus picks up the pace.

There are words said in the slow portion, but not the faster bit.

Third ending

The third ending starts on the match-3 game of It’s so big! and we’ll be choosing Alvin has to touch it, because wouldn’t you?

This is a NSFW scene, and begins with Marcus stepping even closer to Alvin, so he can show off all the little details that are there for his viewing pleasure. At first, Alvin resists the urge and tells Marcus to put it away, but when it’s that close to him and Marcus is arching it even closer to him, his resolve starts to crumble and he almost touches it.

Almost…until Marcus says they have all the time in the world. Which makes me think Alvin’s boss pulled some strings to allow for the meeting to go on longer than is typical of most attorney/client meetings.

And so Alvin touches it.

But he’s also telling Marcus to put it away before someone walks in and sees it. Even as he wraps his hand around it and feels its throbbing pulse, our poor Alvin remains ever so vigilant on what his purpose for this meeting is…which isn’t this. And yet he can’t help himself. Sad to see someone so torn on what to do when the answer is right there.

Something that Marcus says is remarkably similar to something Robbie would say.

It’s right if you enjoy it. Aren’t you having fun?

And after some deliberating on what he should do, Alvin mentions since everything’s already on camera, might as well keep it going. Marcus says nobody will bother them for another hour, and an hour can go by pretty quickly once you think about it. Standing here arguing to himself about what he should do is going to make the minutes tick by even faster, no doubt.

We’re led into another match-3 game of Should Alvin..? Your response will be Stroke that magnificent c*ck? as if it’s truly a question.

This leads to Alvin wrapping his too-small hand around Marcus’s shaft, to which he tells Alvin to go wild, since it’s difficult to grip something too hard when it’s the size of a forearm, and then our NSFW scene that features Alvin staring up at something much bigger than his forearm.

While stroking, he wonders what it would feel like inside him, but passes on the idea since he wouldn’t have the time. Which is just an excuse, honestly.

To get a hint at how big this thing is…it’s giving his hand and wrist a workout just to stroke it. No wonder Marcus has such bulging muscles, right? He must be ambidextrous. Apparently Alvin isn’t even putting much strength into it, because Marcus says he can grip harder. Which is kind of an insult. I mean, look at how scrawny he is.

Then Marcus sets his hand on Alvin’s cheek and says he can use his second hand, thus beginning the animated NSFW scene, instead of just a still image. Although even though it says Alvin uses a second hand, it isn’t so in the image portrayed.

I like the voice acted section here because you can kind of hear the awe in the voice, and the fact that he says, “it’s so big.”

Fourth ending

Ending four starts on the match-3 game of And then what? You’ll end up with the option And then Marcus just…unholsters his c*ck? A really simple game since you only need to match 13 of the eggplants for a NSFW scene.

The weird part about the next few frames is that it states Alvin is feeling some strange sensations (and he should know what those sensations are at this point in his life) while Marcus asks if he’s interested. But then the scene changes to that of Marcus whipping it out and the text is mostly all the same. Once again Alvin is looking at it and feeling sensations, and once again Marcus asks if he’s interested. And we haven’t got to the text part that says Marcus brought it out.

Alvin decides to say the proper thing, that he’s interested in doing his job.

Marcus goads him into seeing it, since he was the one looking, and drop his pants slightly to whip it out. My only thing is, don’t cats have barbs on their penis? And yet Marcus has a smooth, yet veiny one.

Maybe putting barbs on it would’ve turned some people away from actually wanting it.

Maybe it would’ve been enough to have Alvin scrambling out the door.

From this point to the moment Marcus starts stroking himself as he steps closer, Alvin has a difficult task of figuring out what he wants to do next. Does he give in to the tingly sensations his body is urging him to do, or does he be the better person and stick to the logistics of his job.

Which starts the match-3 game of It’s so big! and our aim is Alvin can’t take his eyes off it…

In this NSFW scene, Marcus asks Alvin if he’s ever sucked a dick before and if he wants to try it. Again, this sounds remarkably similar to something Robbie would say, but it’s put in a less intense way. Which is odd to say given the fact that he’s a lion and Robbie is a rabbit.

I commend Alvin for even thinking about the daunting task of putting it in his mouth, and for a split second, he denies himself that outcome by demanding Marcus zip up his suit and tuck it away since this is a business meeting where moaning is not permitted unless it’s due to the results of the meeting not being met with its expectations.

Due to Alvin being hesitant, Marcus takes it upon himself to press his erection against Alvin’s lips and into his mouth. A horrible idea, I might add. If Alvin was any other person he could easily chomp down on it to make a point.

Don’t worry about him, though, he can still breathe with it in there.

Marcus pulls out until just the tip remains in Alvin’s mouth as he tells him to take his time tasting and thinking what he’s going to do next. Alvin isn’t too sure about what he wants right now, but it’s a 50/50 between running and going through with this. Marcus probably sees the hesitation and pushes back into Alvin’s throat as what seems like a threat to me, despite Alvin enjoying it.

In comes the next match-3 game titled Wait, wait, wait!. You’ll be clearing the board of 48 eggplant emohis for No. Alvin wants to taste it.

Does Alvin want to taste it, or does Marcus want Alvin to taste it? That’s the real question.

Either way, it’s another NSFW scene that’s animated, and a scene that confirms Alvin can cross something off his bucket list of things to try before he dies. Incoming moans with a side of slurps.

Pride Parade

Jake is having the time of his life. Sun is out, flags are out, pride parade is on! Then, he catches a glimpse of a sultry doberman in a side alley. Doberman beckons him.

Let me just say I was quite a bit happy that there was a doberdog in this chapter, but only because I had a doberman myself for around ten years. I’m quite partial to them, even if this one is a male partaking in debauchery deeds. My dog never did such things. She was a good girl.

As for this chapter, each section is pretty short, and while the art lacks the kind of detail we got with Defense Attorney, it’s got a nice paint brush style to it. There was, however, the bonus scene that triggered me. During it, I got the Who Wants to Be A Millionaire achievement, which you get after having 100,000 money at one time. After that achievement dinged, I bought so many of the “5 extra moves” just to be done with the match-3 game.



First ending

All right, in the first ending, we’ve got Jake dancing around shirtless in the midst of a pride parade that’s going on. During his little dancing jigs, he’s checking the crowd for anyone who might be looking his way, since he’s in the mood for a little…connection.

Which is a little bit weird to me.

Maybe I’m wrong with pride parades, I don’t know, I’ve never been in one–or a parade in general–but I don’t think people join any kind of parade thinking they’re gonna hook up with a stranger. It’s odd for someone to go into one possibly expecting such a thing, right? You join parades with friends or solo and meet new people but…does it all instill that kind of “excitement”?

Or is it just Jake?

After a while, Jake becomes a bit tired from all the dancing and grooving he’s been doing and decides to take a breather. While on the sidelines, he notices a lone doberman lurking in a dark alleyway and making eye contact with him.

Not shady at all, especially considering I know the main antagonist of Beacon Pines that I’ve recently played.

The doberman does a come hither gesture at Jake, and with a bit of well-placed hesitance, we dive into our first match-3 game of What does Jake do? where we’ll be eliminating 30 peaches for the doberman’s peaches. Just kidding. They’d be pearls. We’re aiming for Jake walks confidently, since that’s a sexy dober we’re gunning for and we’re not a pussy.

We’re a dog.

With that being said, the choice is a bit of a pain to obtain since there aren’t ever a ton of peaches on the board, but you do start with 3 stars available to use.

As we stroll closer, the doberman goes behind the dumpster. Waves are exchanged, and when close enough, Jake introduces himself, but the doberman remains quiet with a smile. I’ll admit, I’d be a little unnerved by his silence, but with his trademark grin he uses on us, it kind of dulls down the fear.

Of course now I can’t help but think of Alastor and how he always smiles in Hazbin Hotel.

Nothing like the doberman, I promise you. Mainly because the doberman isn’t aroace. He’s very much gay and sexually involved. And as we lean closer in, we decide what we’re going to do with this quiet enigma of a specimen in the match-3 game of What happens next? We’re clearing 40 hearts for Jake feels the doberman up, but don’t be surprised if it takes more than one try, as there are a lot of bootys on the board that block a lot of shapes from having the matches you want.

The doberman motions for Jake to come behind him by patting his rear and who’s going to say no to that offer? I mean, technically he’s not yet offering anything, he’s just telling us to come closer, but still.

While they aren’t really “doing” anything, Jake is pressed against the doberman’s back, one hand running up the dobie’s chest while his other hand rests on the dobie’s hip. You can definitely tell by the eye contact they’re both enjoying the simple act of touching and when the doberman moves his face close enough to Jake’s for a kiss, he moves out of reach before it happens.

A little game of not getting something we want.

That’s all right, hidden by the dumpster, we’ll play another game after this next match-3 game of What happens next? for Doberman leans against the dumpster and thrusts out his ass.

That’s right. We’re just a couple of dogs about to do the doggy style position as the doberman kindly drops his pants first and we follow suit. Low throaty dobie moans ensue, with a lovely rasp to the quicker pace.

By the end of scene, when Jake’s done pulling his pants up, his fellow companion has already walked away out of sight, but not without leaving Jake a note in his pants pocket with a phone number on it.

Second ending

The second ending begins on the last match-3 game of What happens next? where you’ll be choosing Doberman throws Jake against the wall and kneels. It doesn’t quite go down that way. It’s more like Jake suggests a stealthier approach to what they both want and asks if the doberman would get on his knees.

He happily obliges, kissing down Jake’s abs before getting to the real treat.

Jake has an adorable blush tinging his cheeks as the slurping sounds begin and man I just…don’t really like them here. It’s not that they sound bad and make me want to gag, but as I’m listening to it, I’m thinking of the sound effects of maybe Spongebob taking slurping licks from a lollipop and it’s a weird mental image to have while this animation is going down.

Third ending

The third ending starts with the first match-3 game of What happens next? and it involves the The doberman drags down Jake’s shorts option. Holy Roly Poly Ollie did this take a long while to clear all the bootys from the board. I watched Jake walk away so many times before finally clearing everything. Like six times.

I get it, I’m not using any of the money to buy perks that can help me out in these instances, but at least I’m showing you how obnoxiously difficult some of these match-3 games can be. Oh but trust me, the worst is saved for last.

Anyway, the doberman starts circling around Jake like some shark with a seductive smile and toned butt, and the both of them are progressively getting more excited from the suspense of what’s about to happen. Without a word (as usual), the doberman flat out yanks Jake’s pants and underwear down. Finally, the doberman kneels down, to which Jake tells him:

Huh, didn’t think you were the submissive type.

Even the masculine looking furries like to look up every once in a while, I guess.

The dobie doesn’t allow Jake’s nervous thoughts to take root as we get into our final match-3 game of What happens next? (yes, again…) and I actually hate both of the titles we get to choose from, because they’re essentially the same thing. We can either choose from Doberman throws Jake against the dumpster and squats down or Doberman throws Jake against the wall and kneels.

So it’s either the dumpster or the wall, but either way, the doberman is kneeling. There should’ve been more of a difference here since I chose a choice that took me to an ending I’d already done, and after more than one attempt at the match-3 game.

For this ending, you’re going the dumpster route.

This time, the doberman buries his face between Jake’s cheeks while giving his boner the attention it also deserves.

I feel this voice acted section should sound different, considering it’s Jake that we’re pleasing, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same voice for the dobie.

Fourth ending

The fourth ending begins with the match-3 game of What does Jake do? Instead of being confident like before, we’re going to choose Jake walks warily, since it kind of makes more sense to do so considering we’re confronting a stranger in a dark alley, and dobermans haven’t got the best in breed for being the nicest dog to approach. Even though they are quite the family dog.

The doberman does the same thing of walking behind the dumpster and instead of answering Jake’s question of what he wants to say, the dobie simply chuckles in his mysterious way. When he’s asked if he feels like talking, the doberman simply shakes his head, but when asked is he’s looking for romance, the doberman nods.

Instead of bothering with answering questions, the dobie shows Jake what he wants in the next match-3 game of What happens next? with Doberman pins Jake against the wall.

And so while Jake is being approached by the doberman and pressed against the wall, Jake mentions that he’s not all that into the rough stuff.

Golden retrievers, am I right?

Jake feels up the doberman’s shirt and asks if any of the party-goers might see them, but the doberman just slaps the dumpsters lid as a response. Jake worries about how short the dumpster is, but the dobie shrugs and presses up against the goldie. Kind of like he’s saying shut up and let’s do this.

This leads into yet another match-3 game titled What happens next? for the choice of Doberman whips out his d*ck and grabs Jake’s. To be fair, Jake is a bit tense here and a massage isn’t such a bad idea when you need to loosen someone up. And so they exchange hands onto each other until they’re both a panting mess of drooling saliva.

Good Tidings

Azzie goes to his favorite coffee shop where his old friend Rowley is waiting for him with a cup of fresh coffee. But today’s Valentine’s day. What will happen?

All right, in this chapter we have two people who aren’t past lovers, they aren’t newly met, and they aren’t a thing as of the beginning of the chapter. It’s just a customer that comes into a coffee shop to hang out with the owner. Not only that, but they do go out together like dates without actually being dates. It’s like when one person has it bad for another and just tries to find little things to do with them without being overly obvious, but in doing so, they’re actually overly obvious.

There are also only three endings in this one and the spelling mistakes become a bit more obvious in this chapter than the other ones.

Still, it isn’t a bad chapter to go through.

First ending

During the first ending, we’re met with Azzie, who’s on his way to Hellfire Coffee (why they didn’t call it a café is beyond me), humming a little tune while on his way. He thinks about the shop owner, who isn’t someone he’s “close” to, but they’ll run into each other at the park or something and start randomly talking. I feel like they don’t randomly meet up though. I think one knows the other is there based on a kind of schedule or something.

Kind of like stalking but not on a creepy what-the-f*ck-bro level.

He checks himself after going off into lala land, thinking about all their talks and…yeah. Just a whole lot of talks and talks. And as he approaches the coffee shop, he thinks of asking him to go to the Ritz together just because their scones are good.

Right. Scones as motivation.

When we finally enter the shop, we get the shop-owner’s name–Rowley. Who seems to be a kind of fox, I think? And Azzie is a cat.

I’m sorry but when I first played through this chapter, I swear these two characters were made to resemble both Aziraphale and Crowley from the series Good Omens. I kept thinking this the entire time, and maybe it’s because I’ve recently watched some of the Good Omens episodes but…the character designs are almost a little too on the nose with their looks.

Especially Azzie. Like, come on.

Anyway, before Azzie gets the chance to ask for some company to the Ritz, he notices all the decorations of the shop and realizes suddenly that it’s Valentine’s day and that makes it a horrible day to ask Rowley to spend time with him alone as just a “friend.” Talk about mixed messages.

Instead, he steps inside and says:

Ah-h, I love this smell of yours.

Meaning the smell of the coffee shop itself, but Rowly leans into the joke of it being his smell and asks what exactly he smells like, making Azzie double-back with him actually meaning the café smell. Rowly needles him a bit pretending to be affronted by him not talking about his own scent. And because he’s such a sly fox, he’s already got Azzie’s favorite drink made for him when he reaches the counter.

As Azzie reaches for his wallet to pay, he realizes it’s not there, leading into our first match-3 game of Azzie is searching for his wallet. You’ve only got 12 moves here to eliminate 10 dollars off the board, though it is fairly easy for the choice of There’s no wallet, but there is a stray note in the other pocket!

Rowly wishes Azzie had just left it at “he forgot his wallet” so he could’ve pretended the drink was a Valentine’s gift. Azzie is practically sputtering at the idea and after denying even some chocolate for the money instead of just the drink, Rowly just gives up and takes the cash before turning away. This allows Azzie to actually look into the cup to see a heart design on top.

While he’s having an internal debate on what that actually means, Rowly is over there hoping he’ll figure it the f*ck out because he can’t be any more obvious and upfront without sending Azzie running out the door.

I mean, seriously.

While deciding what he should do about the whole heart design ordeal, we get into our second match-3 game of What is he going to do? for the choice of No, it’s probably nothing. He will mention it in passing next time he’s in here, just to make sure. Which makes you want to just throttle the guy.

On his way to the window seat, Azzie hesitates, wondering if maybe he should say something, though it would seem a bit awkward since he’d already walked away from the counter. He has a lot of inner monologue going on with what he should do and what Rowly might respond with if he does say or do certain things and it gets to the point where Azzie sighs loud enough that Rowly asks him if there’s something wrong.

Responding with a “no” and the desire to not turn around brings our next match-3 game of Now this, this is awkward with the choice of While Azzie searches for something to say, Rowly comes up to him.

Rowly turns and notices Azzie’s obvious tension and the facial icon of him in the corner is a little funny because his eyes are upward like he’s thinking, “here we go” in a light-hearted way. He steps away from the counter with a “Why does it always have to be me?” thought which makes me think he’s tired of being the one to step up and wishes Azzie would actually initiate things once in a while.

Settling his hands against Azzie from behind, Rowly asks once again if something’s wrong. Azzie of course tells him nothing’s wrong and the coffee is great as always despite not having tasted it yet, because how could Rowly ever get something like that wrong?

Rowly acknowledges this with a “dear” to the end to his statement, which Azzie realizes belatedly and that just makes him even more flabbergasted.

Pushing ahead, Rowly states that he’s always there for him, initiating our next match-3 game of Well? for the choice of JUST KISS HIM ALREADY! DO IT! DOOO IT! which is a bit aggressive, but you know it’s something the audience would say if this were some kind of movie.

Read the clues, buddy!

Azzie considers how much he really likes Rowly but keeps wondering what he’s supposed to do in the situation he’s currently in. He actually does the right thing though.

He kisses Rowly.

That’s right, he did it. Not the other way around. Aren’t we feeling like the proud parents right now?

They get passionate in their kiss and Azzie inhales Rowly’s scent, just taking it all in. And when the kiss ends, they stare at each other in silence before Rowly gets that sly look on his face, asking if Azzie knows what’s next. Of course, being the oblivious one, he takes this moment to ask for company to the Ritz, but Rowly states they’ve been on enough dates already.

Which is what they all were Azzie, come on.

After stating that Azzie is the only sweet thing Rowly wants to taste, we get our next match-3 game of Azzie can’t just…can he? while gunning for Yes. Yes he can. He can’t resist Rowly.

This begins our first animated NSFW scene of the both of them laid out on a booth seat at a table with Rowly behind, giving Azzie what he wanted but never really voiced. Also…this shop is still open to the public, and we’re both doing this right beside a window seat. You have to really not give a crap as a shop owner to be doing this right in a public situation. One would think they’d go into the back area, geez.

I enjoyed the voice acting on this one. The slow portion has a kind of stuttering laugh/moan like they can’t believe it feels so good with some occasional words thrown in. The faster portion offers more whiney panting.

And of course, after getting cleaned up, and walking to the door, Azzie asks Rowly out on that date to the Ritz again. In response, there’s another sweet kiss.

Second ending

The second ending starts on the match-3 game of Azzie can’t just…can he? where we’ll clear 25 blue paws for No, he can’t just let Rowly have his way. But…

And we’re straight in on another animated NSFW scene where Azzie sits on the seat while Rowly lays across it, head positioned right over Azzie’s lap and awaiting member. Now, Azzie’s a little concerned that someone might notice, but Rowly waves it off.

At one point, the front door bell does chime, but when nobody enters, it’s thought to be a gust of wind. But I don’t think that’s the case because in the image itself you see someone looking in the window at them with a startled, what-on-earth face a judgmental elderly Karen might give someone who’s doing something they don’t approve of.

Third ending

The third ending starts back at the match-3 game of What is he going to do? where you’ll choose Oh, blast it. Rowly probably meant just that. Azzie’s going in. and now I’m kind of flabbergasted that Azzie’s going to be the one taking initiative here. What a role reversal.

Rowly mentally prods Azzie to do the right thing, to understand what he meant by the heart design in the coffee, as there’s only so many hints he can drop for the guy.

And so Azzie sets his cup down and steps behind the counter. They face each other and there’s a bit of hesitance on whether or not Rowly is going to make Azzie say it, in which he does, so Azzie tells him:

I think I quite like you, Rowly.

Which…I don’t know. He’s downplaying it quite a bit with that comment. A little more enthusiasm would be nice.

Rowly states that he’s liked Azzie ever since he first stepped into his shop. While Azzie’s glad to hear it…I swear he doesn’t come across as very genuine in a lot of his comments. I get he’s a bit sheepish and doesn’t maybe want to fully announce his feelings for fear of them not being reciprocated, maybe, and losing the possible friendship, but Rowly just stated he’s got a thing for the guy.

Again. A little bit of enthusiasm.

When Azzie states Rowly is mischievous, Rowly asks if Azzie would like to get a bit mischievous now. In which Rowly points out the Ritz, and I just can’t help but facepalm. Luckily we negate his plan with a match-3 game of What does he mean? for Oh. That’s what he means.

They meet in a passionate kiss and Azzie takes the time to breathe Rowly in once again, and when they break away, Azzie mentions that this was nice. Rowly responds in agreement while calling Azzie the endearment of “love.”

Expectantly, we get the last match-3 game of Love? Really? for Yes, really. It’s a bit difficult to pass this one without a couple tries, because you don’t get many moves, and clearing the bootys from the board means you’ll need more than one match beside them to make them fully disappear.

Now that Azzie realizes what they have is love, he wants to do something special for Rowly. Something that he’s read about in his book collections.

So he kneels behind the counter and takes Rowly by surprise.

I mean, they say the third time’s the charm, and it took until ending three for Azzie to finally man up and do something for someone he’s in love with.

New Year’s Stories

Snowflakes dance in the air, and that means the New Year is coming! We have a few short stories about our boys celebrating a New Year’s Eve for you. A few surprises, a little bit of bubbly, lots of fireworks, and what’s that? A proposal?

There are six short stories in total to this chapter and only one of them has a NSFW image to go with it, and surprisingly it isn’t Robbie’s story. I know, shocker. But then again, when you realize whose story it belongs to, you won’t really be all that surprised. I won’t go into too much detail with these stories, just offering you a little bit of what happens in the end.

For Wolfgang, Misha, and Robbie’s story, the wolf and the rabbit decide to put on a musical stage performance from a Russian children’s cartoon, since Misha is from Russia and they just kind of want to do something for him in the university’s talent show that’s going on. Misha doesn’t have any idea of what they’re going to do, so when they start singing in horrible Russian accents, it’s all kind of cringe, but also nostalgic.

By the end, they pull Misha up onto the stage and have him sit in the chair that’s at the center, and proceed to sing while placing tinsel around him.

I don’t know how I’d feel about that. I’d sort of be embarrassed if I was Misha, but he doesn’t seem to mind it too much since the both of them are having fun with their singing. The last time I was in a talent show, I was playing the song Lollipop on the piano.

As for Alvin and Marcus, there’s a bit of a problem. Marcus hasn’t been returning Alvin’s texts and so Alvin is a little bit disgruntled as he walks around looking for the nearest coffee shop, but the one he comes across has too long of a line for him to deal with.

Proceeding to go to another coffee shop further out, he comes across community service placing lights and ornaments on trees and such, making everything look festive for the holidays. And that’s when he spots Marcus, who apparently did a bad thing by littering without realizing there was a cop nearby to witness it.

Alvin forgives him since Marcus tells the truth of the situation and helps out with putting the star on the tree.

Maximus and Riley are heading to a penthouse party in a skyscraper that’s freaking fifty-eight stories high. That’d be a hail to the naw from me. Give me the ground floor over aerial view any day. Maximus asks Riley about the surprise he mentioned, but Riley tells him that he won’t know what it is until the clock strikes midnight exactly.

And so the two of them mingle at the party until it gets close to midnight and they end up on the balcony per Riley’s request.

When it hits midnight, we get a NSFW image of Riley opening his robe and showing ribbons strapped around his naked body. Go figure, right?

Jake and Doberman (yes, that’s still the name we’re going with since Jake still doesn’t know his name yet) have been going pretty strong with hooking up with one another several times already, but now Jake’s waiting for him at the mall in regards to his scheduling of a job, I guess. Since Jake came early (not like that you dirty freaks), he walks around until he hears a sexy Santa voice and approaches the mall Santa in question.

It’s the Doberman.

I know. A voice reveal. How exciting.

Jake gets in line and ends up sitting on Santa’s lap and asks which list he’s on–the naughty or the nice. The Doberman produces a lump of coal from his pocket and gives Jake a wink that says he’ll be punished for being naughty later.

Cunningham and Cameron are at Cunningham’s apartment where they’re making some treats, such as a gingerbread cake. I hate the taste of cinnamon so anything gingerbread has always been kind of a turn-off for me.

As they wait for it to bake they start talking about their upcoming skiing trip and Cameron regales the time where he was surfing and wiped out twice in one go.

Before opening the gifts around them, Cameron wants to first give something to Cunningham, and that’s…a box with a ring in it. Followed up by the question of if Cunningham will marry him. And then it’s just a bunch of heartfelt awws all around.

With Azzie and Rowly’s story, Azzie is sitting on a bench in the middle of a snowy park waiting on Rowly but starts to have his usual thoughts and random comments about his insecurities and things just feeling weird because they’re outside of their “norm” with no longer being just friends and actually being an item with love involved.

Rowly sneaks behind a tree where Azzie doesn’t notice him and tries to eavesdrop on what he says, but Azzie clams up. Since he doesn’t want him to leave because it’s cold out, he approaches and falls into the snow, making a snow angel in the process.

Azzie is confused by this and is wondering why Rowly is laying in the snow when it’s so cold out.

Rowly finally gets Azzy to join him in laying down and making a snow angel beside him. And thus the two snow angels stay there for some time after.

Final Thoughts

There was a lot to unpack in this whole game and it took me around 11 hours to 100% complete. The characters all had their own personalities, and I liked that each chapter had its own theme music. Too many times I’ve played games where it’s just the same music throughout the entire game and it’s enough to drive you to completely ignore it, or enough to drive you completely crazy.

I kept my sanity with my Furry Shades of Gay playtime.

Well, as far as the soundtrack goes.

For some of the match-3 games? I’m calling them out on their bullshit. I don’t mind having to do a certain game a handful of times, but when it goes beyond the five-minute mark and I’ve not even gotten close to getting the choice I want, there’s a bit of a problem. Yes, I mentioned I wasn’t using my money on anything due to needing a specific achievement, but still.

If I hadn’t used money on twenty 5-more-moves, I would’ve been stuck on it for way longer than just fifteen minutes, and that’s just crazy.

All the achievements are easy to come by, as most happen as you fully complete the chapters.

There are three that you should watch out for, which are:

  • Who wants to be a millionaire where you’ll need 100,000 moneys at the time in order to obtain it. So if you’re buying a lot from the shop, then you’ll be playing the match-3 games a lot longer just to get the money required.
  • A star is born, where you’ll need to assemble a star 30 times total on the boards. That’s matching five of the same icon in a row.
  • One-handed mode where you’ll have to watch animated scenes 50 times. For this you can continuously click on an animated scene, back out, go back into it, back out, and rinse and repeat until you’ve acquired the achievement. There’s no need to watch the entire scenes all the way through. Just a glimpse of the animated portions and then head out.

Going back to the characters, the one I liked the least had to be Robbie, of course. He’s just…too much. Like, respect the fact that someone doesn’t actually want to do something like that upon first meeting, just because they might swing that way and they might like the end result.

Aside from those things…the game was pretty good. Spelling mistakes here and there that were a bit noticeable in some chapters, but it didn’t make or break the game. Even though I’d recommend it, I’d definitely recommend the second game first, probably since it’s a bit cleaner in my opinion and has more to the voice acting than this one did.