Portion Control is a mission within The Wolf Hunt of the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Portion Control Guide

Investigate the site of the attack

Portion Control
Portion Control
Portion Control

The quest-giver is out of the camp along the main road. Get close enough and you’ll start hearing him rant. You have a dialogue option when speaking to him, but it doesn’t matter what you choose.

You’ll need to investigate the following:

  • Pile of bodies closest to Dolios
  • The broken cart
  • Scattered crystal fragments

Once you’ve checked the clues, return to Dolios and give him the down low on what you think happened.

Find the stolen food and the culprits

Portion Control
Portion Control

Send Ikaros skyward and he’ll pinpoint the location for you.

Now you’ll want to head over to the cave that’s nearby Grave of Tereus. Once inside, you’ll meet up with a group of people.

What choice should you make?

  • No more talking
  • Explain yourself

If you choose No more talking, then you’ll be killing everyone in the cave, which will rack up the bounties on your head. After killing all of them, I had to deal with two bounty hunters, and it was not pretty. The group of people really aren’t worth killing because there’s nothing in it for you.

No more talking allows you more conversation, where you can ask Who are you? to learn more information on Hyrkanos.

If you do go with the first option, you’re met with a second choice of:

  • You’re going to die
  • We can settle this peacefully

Once again if you choose You’re going to die, then you risk having to deal with multiple bounty hunters and little reward from the townspeople.

We can settle this peacefully allows the civilians to head out with enough food that they can carry.

It doesn’t matter what choice you made to the guard. He’s just happy it’s been taken care of, and by asking who the civilians were, we get a follow-up quest regarding Hyrkanos.

Continue with:

Portion Control Rewards

  • Athenian Helmet
  • 2700 XP