Succubus’s Making Lunch, and she’s about as bad at it as I am.

This is a game that I bought in a bundle, because I kind of like just going through these short kind of games and I didn’t want to just buy them one after another. Might as well bulk-buy. Plus, I played this particular succubus in another story and I just…thought it’d be just as good.

Succubus's Making Lunch

Who is this game for?

Game length

Around 2 hours


Explanation to Negative Feedback

Ingredients become double

I thought it was my mouse double-clicking an ingredient, because I had a mouse that did that before, but no. The game literally doubles an ingredient at random times making the entire sandwich ruined.

What the actual f*ck.

Ingredients look too alike

If you want a game where you make sandwiches, cool, but at least make the ingredients look different. Sometimes you’ll need to make an actual normal egg, while other times you have to make a “ghost egg” that’s somewhat transparent, but otherwise looks exactly like a normal egg.


Music was putting me to sleep

Not hate on the soundtrack, but it doesn’t fit with the gameplay, and if it weren’t for me being so stressed, it would’ve probably lulled me to sleep.

Too many burgers

We’re not in a cooking simulator here. We’re just not. And with all the weird glitches and unfairness that the ingredients give, having to deal with so many burgers (especially those that are stacked insanely high) makes the game not worth completing.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

Sexy animated scenes

The only good thing about Succubus’s Making Lunch are the NSFW animated scenes when you finally get to them. The other scenes are good as well but…the only thing worth actually enduring this game to completion is the NSFW scenes.

Succubus’s Making Lunch Review

TL;DR Review

I absolutely hated that this game tried to be a cooking simulator, because it ultimately failed. Not to mention, I don’t play cooking simulators all that often–or at all, honestly–because I’m just not good at them and they don’t capture my attention all that much due to them all of time not having a particular storyline.

The other game I played with this succubus in it wasn’t nearly as infuriating as this one was. I think that last one was just a regular puzzle game.

But this one…man. When a simple hentai game makes you so frustrated with making a sandwich that you get a headache, there’s something wrong.

A game like this shouldn’t make one’s blood pressure go up.

Don’t get me wrong, the animated scenes were a major plus (when you actually get to them), but they did not save the game itself. It was just a horrible sandwich-making game due to glitches and things looking the same overall and the unfairness of it all.

Basically, I want to say this: Dear devs…playtest your games.

In-Depth Review (with spoilers)

All right, I’ve played the previous succubus game to this one, which was called Succubus Girl Story, so I thought I knew what I was getting into. With that being said, they’re normally pretty simple puzzle games where you either have to rotate pieces to place them into their specific slot or just find the appropriate piece and place it where it needs to go.

Most of these games drive a point home that it’s all about the NSFW portion you’re going to get out of it and don’t bother too much with productive gameplay.

Succubus’s Making Lunch, however, decided to go a completely different route and become something of a botched cooking simulator. I mean, I get the title, it goes along with the theme, but we’re honestly not just making lunch in this game. We’re making full-on burgers for customers in a restaurant.

I don’t care how fat you are, you’re not making lunch for yourself that involves 20 burgers, some stacked five feet in height.

Let’s get to the actual gameplay though.

Succubus's Making Lunch

Before anything happens, you’re taken to a screen with snippets of scenes of the succubus in the kitchen. They are all SFW right now, up to the sixth one. The NSFW scenes start on the seventh, I think, and if you’re wondering how to change the screen to get to them, there are really tiny arrows at the top that you can click on to either go to the scenes on the right or return to the left.

Like, super tiny arrows. As if they didn’t want you to know they were there.

Once you click on one of the images, you’re taken to a cooking table with ingredients all around you, two frying pans, and four different post-its with burger images on the top left. You can click one to bring it into view on the right.

They start off pretty simple. Just a small-size burger with a handful of ingredients that you either cook or not.

I won’t name off all the ingredients you have spread out before you, because I’m no cook and I don’t know what some of this stuff is, as bad as that sounds. Like, I know what a lot of it is, obviously, but I either don’t know the name or what it is based on the drawing of it.

Just know that there are twenty different ingredients to use, including top and bottom of the hamburger buns.

When you check out the post-its, there are only four to choose from, but as you complete them, more will appear, becoming a larger burger each and every time until you’re able to make the largest burger there is for the scene you’re trying to get to.

I think the magic number of burgers to create is thirteen before you can get to the scene.

And remember that the first six scenes are SFW.

In order to see the NSFW scenes, you’ll need to download the 18+ DLC from the Steam store.

For those of you not counting, that’s 78 burgers you’ll be needing to make to get to the first NSFW scene, if you’re going through them in order for all the achievements.

So here’s the thing. I’m fine and dandy with doing all those burgers to get to the scenes, because I like the artwork of the SFW scenes and of course the whole NSFW animations and such.

But they botched the whole cooking scenario so much, it gave me a migraine to get through to the end. Just because I was so stressed and aggravated by everything that was going on.

Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch

First off, you can’t drag an item onto the sandwich–you have to right-click it. Which, given all the problems with the cooking portion, that’s find, because if you dragged it over the plate area in order to reach the frying pans, it would’ve probably placed it down, adding another middle finger to this portion of the gameplay.

Second, and this one’s my fault, if you mess up, you have to press the middle mouse button in order to get rid of what’s in the frying pans, or to completely restart your burger.

No, you can’t take off the last piece you placed. You have to destroy the whole thing and start over, even if you’re one away from completing the meal.

Anyway, I had changed my mouse settings, so my middle mouse button didn’t work to clear anything. Instead, I had to stack the meal so high that it went beyond the screen and after that it would all disappear and reset.

Needless to say, I messed up a lot, and had to stack the burgers sky high a lot in turn.

Third, I’ll admit the oops moments were all me, but the game does something that really ticked me off, and that’s doubling an item randomly.

I thought it was my mouse double-clicking because I had one that did that before and it was going to drive me up the wall with this game–again, that would’ve been on me and not the game–but then I realized it doubled an item after I took it off the frying pan, and there’s no way my mouse would’ve done that, because you can’t place two things in one pan.

Which meant it was the game itself f*cking with me and making me clear the plate over and over again.

Fourth, when you place an egg into the frying pan, it isn’t automatically cooked as you would think. When you first place it on the pan, it’s something of a ghost egg, meaning it’s transparent, before it becomes an over-easy egg.

When you come across one of these ghost eggs on a sandwich, it’s really difficult to tell if it’s a normal egg or a transparent one sometimes, which might cause you to screw up your burger.

Fifth, and it wasn’t too much of a problem for me, but I know that people who can’t see the contrast between colors very well might have problems with the mustard and mayonnaise colorations. There were times where I had to pause and really think about what color it was because they’re just too close in color sometimes and it’s annoying as all hell.

And those are all the ways the game can really screw you over in the cooking portion.

Which is absolute garbage when you’re trying to get through 70+ burgers, some insanely tall and have to restart and restart your burgers just to get a static image that’s SFW, or even to get the animated NSFW scenes.

Like I’d stated, they were good, but they didn’t make the gameplay any better.

The soundtrack didn’t really help either, because it was just some droning music that I didn’t hate, but it was putting me to sleep since the gameplay was lackluster and I really stopped trying.

As far as the achievements go, you can get all the Yummy! achievements by placing every type of food onto the plate. By this I mean the raw ingredient, all the cooked portions, and the burnt portions. After you’ve placed every food type on the plate, you should have all these achievements.

Aside from those, there are Boss achievements are accomplished by creating the largest burger of the scene, which will have a yellow-green background and extend so far down that it covers up the top frying pan.

Finally, we’ve got the Lvl achievements, gained by completing all the burgers in a scene and revealing that particular scene.

Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch

In the first scene, we’ve got our busty succubus standing over a pot that’s overflowing with fire while we’ve just walked into the kitchen to say hi and are now flabbergasted that there’s an active volcano coming from one of our cooking pots.

In the second scene, our succubus is in a kimono and creating some sushi rolls…however she’s got a live fish to put in the rice instead of one that’s, you know, not alive and prepared to eat. Plus there’s another fish in a bowl behind her watching its friend about to die.

I’m in total agreement with our startled face in this scene, but only because I’m not a fan of fish in my sushi rolls. Maybe that makes them non-legit, but…they just so slimy and lacking flavor.

Give me a volcano roll any day.

In the third scene, the succubus has moved on from trying to make food to just ordering delivery for pizza and being a hot mess while devouring it.

Literally a hot mess, mind you. She’s covered in that cheesy pizza and you know that sh*t would burn the hell out of anyone not from hell.

And she’s making a mess on our bed that we don’t even want saved for later.

Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch

In the fourth scene, I think she tried her hand at making some pizza herself and it just ended terribly. There’s flour all over the place, including the screen. The mixing bowl has somehow ended up on her head, there’s a broken egg on the floor, as well as a frying pan.

She didn’t even get to the cooking part of the food-making.

Was she using a blender and had it too high of a speed and it just flung everything around her?

Honestly, that’d be something I’d do. Just turn the blender to its highest setting and watch everything fly. Then again, I grew up playing with Sky Dancers and became used to ducking out of the way of flying objects.

I don’t really know what’s up with the fifth scene, since she’s got a spoonful of something that looks suspiciously like butter that she’s trying to get us to eat.

Listen, I’m all for butter on muffins, but I’m not going to be like the dog I had and eat it by itself. Talk about smooth sailing in the bathroom when your tummy gets the rumblies.

The sixth scene makes it look like she’s about to get us drunk with a whole bottle of whiskey and show us a good time with that skimpy, skin-tight outfit she’s wearing. Not that it’s revealing or anything, but she’s bent over the bottle and giving us those dilated doe-eyes.

This is the last of the SFW scenes, by the way. After this one, we get to the NSFW scenes which once again can only be obtained by downloading the 18+ DLC.

The next scenes you’ll come across take place in the same locations as the SFW scenes, in the same order.

Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch

In the seventh scene, we’re back where we were in the kitchen when she had fire shooting out of a pot, except this time the flame is no more, yet you can see either coals or chunks of burnt food sitting in the pot with still some simmering flame inside.

Pretty sure the flame is supposed to stay on the outside, sweetie, and because she almost set the fire alarm off, she deserves a pounding punishment.

In the eighth scene, she’s shed her kimono and we’ve shed our clothes to give her something else she can eat raw, if you get what I mean, eh? Eh?

By the way, we’ve got some big kahoonas.

Remember back when I said hot cheesy pizza would be painful on our skin? Apparently, I’m wrong. Or we just happen to be a masochist, because in the ninth scene we’ve just shoved our d*ck straight through the center of this cheesy pizza and straight into the succubus’s mouth.

We went straight into the oven and into an otherwise warm, moist place which I don’t think would do too much to help the searing pain this would cause.

That skin would be peeling.

Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch
Succubus's Making Lunch

The tenth scene is just us giving the succubus some gratifying s*x for even trying to make us some food, despite all the mess. And since there’s already a mess, why not make an even bigger one, right?

Plus, the succubus looks adorable with those dilated eyes and worried expression about what we think of the mess.

In the eleventh scene, I’m starting to suspect what she was trying to feed us wasn’t butter but maybe honey? But I think even that isn’t right, so maybe seeing as we’re going with the whole theme of her being a succubus, a being of hell and fire, it’s melted butter?

I just don’t really understand what it would be otherwise, but it’s all over the both of us as we more or less use it as lube.


The twelfth scene is the final one you’ll be viewing and before I reached this scene, I took a break from the game just because it was blowing my mind (and not in the good way) that the cooking scenario was just screwing me (again, not in the way one would enjoy) so much and so often. Especially with the fact that I couldn’t use the middle mouse properly to get rid of the mistakes.

When you get to the scene, the succubus is clinging onto our leg while having herself a chaser after drinking some of that bourbon. Or maybe the bourbon is a chaser to what she’s about to swallow.

And that…ends the game.