Tigerseye is one of the first gems you’ll gather, and seeing as it’s an easier find when prospecting Copper Ore, there’s a greater chance it’ll be cheap on the auction house.

Personally, I find it better to craft items and sell them rather than sell these gems themselves, but, check your realm first, yeah?


What are your PC specs?

What addons are used to gather Tigerseye in WoW?

What professions benefit from Jewelcrafting?

There are 2 different secondary professions you can choose from that coincide with Jewelcrafting, as far as Tigerseye goes. Please note that while you can gather gems from Mining, we’re leaving the profession out, as it’s not viable and doesn’t help the profession itself.

  • Blacksmithing
  • Engineering
  • Jewelcrafting

With Blacksmithing, equipment can be crafted, including a piece from the transmog Knight’s Mail.

Engineering can create some unique equipment like the Deep Dive Helmet, if you’re maybe someone who needs to go underwater for some things and aren’t a druid. Like if you have Herbalism and want some Stranglekelp and stuff like that.

Jewelcrafting is something you’re actually going to be needing in order to even prospect ore to get this and many other gems. Unless you’re going to depend on the Auction House and Mining alone to gather these. Aside from prospecting, you can craft rings and a necklace with this profession.

How do you gather Tigerseye?


Prospecting 200 Copper Ore net me 18 Tigerseye.


Farm Copper Ore
I farmed my route for Darkshore and came up with this:

  • After hitting the time 25:18, I obtained 5 Tigerseye.


If you’re curious as to how much gold you can possibly gain from the items listed below, you can always check out The Undermine Journal, choose your region, and then your realm. After that, search for the items below and see what they’ve been selling for lately.


Heavy Copper Longsword
Skill: 35 | Equipment | Learned via Quest
This longsword is from the blacksmithing plans that are found via alliance, per a quest. Though it’s not BoP, so horde may find it on the AH.


  • (10) Copper Bar
  • (1) Tigerseye
  • (2) Rough Grinding Stone

Gemmed Copper Gauntlets
Skill: 60 | Equipment | Learned via World Drops
Eh, just something for people who want a boost in their crit department.


  • (8) Copper Bar
  • (1) Tigerseye
  • (1) Malachite

Heavy Copper Broadsword
Skill: 95 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
This sword enhances a character’s strength and stamina–perfectly fit for the hands of both warriors and paladins.


  • (14) Copper Bar
  • (2) Weak Flux
  • (2) Tigerseye
  • (2) Medium Leather

Ironforge Breastplate
Skill: 100 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
Increases a hunter or shaman’s main stat, plus gives additional stamina. It’s also part of the transmog Knight’s Mail.


  • (16) Copper Bar
  • (2) Tigerseye
  • (3) Rough Grinding Stone

Big Bronze Knife
Skill: 105 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
Perfect for rogues that enjoy brutalizing their victims with a Rambo knife.


  • (6) Bronze Bar
  • (4) Weak Flux
  • (2) Rough Grinding Stone
  • (1) Tigerseye
  • (1) Medium Leather


Flying Tiger Goggles
Skill: 100 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
They make you look like you’re ready to become a mad scientist jet pilot, with an increase on stamina and crit. You’ll need engineering to equip them, however.


  • (8) Bronze Bar
  • (2) Tigerseye

Gnomish Universal Remote
Skill: 125 | Equipment | Learned via Vendors
One of the first possible crappy items an Engineer can make–and by crappy I mean it’s possible it can malfunction on use. Aside from that, have fun controlling mechs.


  • (6) Bronze Bar
  • (1) Whirring Bronze Gizmo
  • (2) Flask of Oil
  • (1) Tigerseye
  • (1) Malachite

Deepdive Helmet
Skill: 230 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
Good for farmers who intend on gathering materials underwater, such as the herb Stranglekelp, or the ore found in Thousand Needles.


  • (8) Mithril Bar
  • (1) Mithril Casing
  • (1) Truesilver Bar
  • (4) Tigerseye
  • (4) Malachite


Tigerseye Band
Skill: 20 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
This is one of the rings that JCers can mass produce and disenchant for materials. So they’re a quick profit on the AH, if priced right, for that reason. It’s also a unique-equip, so you can only have one equipped on you.


  • (1) Tigerseye
  • (1) Delicate Copper Wire

Ornate Tigerseye Necklace
Skill: 30 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
A necklace that provides an increase in both damage and healing. Nice for twinks.


  • (2) Tigerseye
  • (2) Copper Bar
  • (1) Delicate Copper Wire

Bronze Band of Force
Skill: 65 | Equipment | Learned via Profession Trainer
A nice ring for an increase on both intellect and weapon damage. If you plan to sell these, check the AH before wasting the materials to craft it.


  • (2) Bronze Bar
  • (1) Bronze Setting
  • (3) Malachite
  • (3) Tigerseye
  • (2) Shadowgem