Nagrand is a contested zone, meant for players level 64-80 and founded in The Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft.

Everything you find below is up to date for patch 8.3.

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  • Kurenai
  • The Consortium
  • The Mag’har
  • The Sha’tar

Archaeology Finds

There’s a possibility of finding Archaeology dig-sites listed below in this zone, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always be here. It’s just something that’s good to know in case you plan on working with this profession.

  • Draenei
  • Orc

Battle Pets [18-19]





Below are the types of treasure chests that I’ve found in Nagrand. You won’t be able to find a chest in every single location they appear in, and they are on a timer if someone happens to take the specific chests in the zone before you.

  • Adamantite Bound Chest
  • Heavy Fel Iron Chest
  • Silverbound Treasure Chest


This zone has not yet been tested for herbalism.


Fishing Route in Nagrand Outland

It’s a bit of a short route, but it’s definitely good if you’re wanting some Mote of Water as there are pools specifically for that material. The fish, I suppose, are more of a convenience. Just know this route goes across a horde area.

  • Figluster’s Mudfish – 22
  • Icefin Bluefish – 17
  • Enormous Barbed Gill Trout – 3
  • Huge Spotted Feltail – 3
  • Mote of Water – 58
  • Curious Crate – 5
  • Inscribed Scrollcase – 5


Mining Route in Nagrand Outland

This is the shorter route I created for Nagrand (Outland), and it’s a lot easier to navigate as it sticks to a smaller portion, but you’re going to need to delve into the caves that you come across. This will help out with the node respawns, and help out with possible Khorium spawns.

Information gathered from the second, longer route I created is available on my In-Depth Farming Guide.

  • Adamantite Ore – 159
  • Eternium Ore – 20
  • Fel Iron Ore – 42
  • Khorium Ore – 20
  • Mote of Earth – 126
  • Mote of Fire – 24
  • Blood Garnet – 2
  • Deep Peridot – 1
  • Flame Spessarite – 1
  • Nightseye – 1
  • Shadow Draenite – 1


This zone has not yet been tested for skinning locations.


Killing one of the rares mentioned below will give you the achievement Medium Rare, though killing these guys, plus the rest of the Outland rares will grant you Bloody Rare.


This zone has not yet been tested for reagent routes.


These vendors sell special goods, meaning they’re limited supply. If someone buys one of these first, there’s a timer on when they’ll be back in stock. In no way does the list below show every vendor located in this zone.

These vendors may also sell certain recipes or patterns worth obtaining.

Nula the Butcher and Uriku

Coreiel and Aldraan


All of the items mentioned below are BoP, so don’t expect to be able to buy the recipes and sell them.

Provisioner Nasela and Trader Narasu

All of the items mentioned below are BoP, so don’t expect to be able to buy the recipes and sell them.


Mathar Gochar

Pilot Marsha


Nothing here yet.


In this Nagrand goldmaking section, I’ll be listing items I acquired as I leveled throughout the zone. While I don’t focus on the special vendor items you could obtain within the zone, there is a chance for them to fall from open world mob drops.

More specifically, you’re able to buy healing potions and such from vendors, but they’re also mob drops, therefore they’ll be in the goldmaking listing below.