Crewless is a mission in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey within the zone of Phokis.

Crewless Guide

Find Gyke and Captain Gelon’s ship, the Shark’s Tooth


Speak to the lady in question, and expect a load of firepower coming out of her mouth, because she’s not in a happy mood. You’re left with a couple different choices, but the choices don’t matter with her here.

Choose whatever you want, especially if you want to get into a yelling competition.

After you’re done getting to know one another, she needs you to find a specific necklace as well as the location of her ship that’s missing.

Make your way a little far to the east where there’s shipwreck rubble floating in the water. Beneath the waves lurk some sharks, so dispose of them as you see fit. Grab Gyke’s Necklace as well as the treasure, then head into Bulis Military Camp not far from the shore.

Retrieve the treasures


Take advantage of the lynx in one of the cages to create havoc, just know that it’s going to get demolished due to the heavy-hitting captains combined with the soldiers if you haven’t taken a lot of the weaker enemies out yet. The two Treasures you want are out in the center and beside each other, so that’s a plus and a negative, but once you’ve got them, you can head back to the quest-giver.

You’ve got more dialogue choices, but they don’t matter.

She’ll be a little upset, but not too much. She’s a hardened sailor, after all. In the end, you’ll come up with a final choice option.

She grants +6% ship armor, so she’s not a bad recruit to have.

Crewless Rewards

  • 4900 XP
  • High Seas Belt