This Bed We Made, I don’t know what stains those are, so I’m not laying in it.

Some people might complain that it’s too short, but I think for the type of game it is, it’s got the perfect length to it. I can’t say I’m too fond of the replay factor because there’s really not any huge changes aside from maybe saving someone’s job and getting a different ending…but it’s a good game to try at least once.

Who is this game for?

Game length

Around 4 hours

Where can you buy?


  • Choices matter
  • Cleaning sections are satisfying
  • Flirt with Beth or Andrew


  • Didn’t make many beds
  • No picture of Mom
  • Throw random stuff away
  • Unrealistic front desk staff

Explanation to Negative Feedback

Didn’t make many beds

This Bed We Made

I’m just saying, for the game title being This Bed We Made, we didn’t make very many. Makes you wonder which bed we made or didn’t make that truly made things fall apart for us.

No picture of Mom

If you look in the characters section of the menu, almost all the characters have their portraits drawn on the right so you get an idea of what they look like if you don’t see them in-game.

Well, our mom doesn’t have an image.

And that kind of stings a little bit. Especially since she had some writing on her page, unlike our father who bailed on us. Clearly there’s a reason why his picture isn’t there, but why not Moms?

Throw random stuff away

This Bed We Made

Obviously there are going to be things that you’re able to get rid of in guest’s rooms, but there are also random things that you can throw away that don’t have anything to do with the storyline. And since we’re playing a character who doesn’t seem to be a more diabolical type–more curious and seeking to avoid being called out for her curiosity, it makes me wonder why we’re allowed to mess with a guest’s items.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about snooping and stealing things if there’s actually a point to it, but…there’s no point in this game.

Like, we can throw away someone’s food and we’ll be like “I hope they weren’t eating those,” and I’m thinking well why did you toss them out if you’re worried about it?

Unrealistic front desk staff

Listen, if I ring the bell twenty times at the front desk, then I at least deserve a scowl from Beth who’s standing right there. But she doesn’t even acknowledge how annoying I’m being.

At least when Andrew (I think?) is standing back there he gives us a sideways glance when I rang the bell again.

Maybe it wasn’t on purpose, but still.

He made me feel noticed.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

Choices matter

This game might not be like The Walking Dead series, or games by David Cage in their general sense of decision-making, which comes in the form of a choice on the screen that you can choose that will either make a game go this way or that way in its storyline, but has a slightly more subtle approach to your decisions.

You can either choose to get rid of certain pieces of evidence that you find in rooms, you can choose to help or dismiss a coworker’s actions, therefore either making them keep their job or not, and you can choose to lie, if there’s a possibility of not being called out on it.

Some things might be obvious, but others choices aren’t quite so blatant in knowing how to get which ending. I tried to go about my choices in two different ways and still ended up with the same ending so you really have to kind of think on what you’re supposed to be doing to better the situation at the end.

The game’s not terribly long…but it is a little annoying to have to make several runs through it just to get a different ending.

Still, I like the position you’re placed in and the decisions you have to make.

Cleaning sections are satisfying

This Bed We Made

There’s a reason I really like Powerwash Simulator.

Like, at first, I just watched some people play the game on YouTube, and while I should’ve been working on my website, I just zoned out completely and was glued to the screen as they cleaned different things and talked about stuff.

I don’t even know what the hell they were talking about, I was so focused on the dirt disappearing.

While this game isn’t nearly as efficient at keeping my attention as that game was cleaning-wise, there are areas where you need to wipe messes down and…I might’ve enjoyed it more than the normal person, making circular patterns to clean the mess up, watching it disappear bit by bit.

Flirt with Beth or Andrew

This Bed We Made

I’m really happy they gave you the choice of either easing into a relationship with either Beth or Andrew.

Personally, I thought both of them were going to be shady, because in a whodunnit circumstance you really don’t know who’s going to be on your side and who’s playing against you. And Andrew seemed to have his secrets as far as the elevator ride went.

As for Beth…just her starting cameo at the front desk made me a bit suspicious, how our interactions went. But I think it was more like we liked her and we were shy about our feelings.

So if you’re into gals, you can be on Beth’s level, and if you’re into men, stick to Andrew.

Maybe even mix and match with different playthroughs.

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