Girl and Goblin, kind of sounds like a goblin came up with the title.

I don’t mind buying hentai games–I’ve got a ton of them on my wishlist and I’ve even accidentally purchased some that turned out to be pretty good with actual storylines for the characters. Yes! It can happen!

But not always.

I guess I kept skimming the title on this one. “Girl and Goblin” seems a bit immature and lacking as far as titles go. My brain kept switching it to a proper title–The Girl and The Goblin.

Technicalities, I know.

girl and goblin

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Is there a supporter’s playthrough of this game?

We’ll have it within one of our courses as they’re updated:

Who is this game for?

Explanation to Negative Feedback

Game over puzzle?

Hard difficulty not hard

Not suitable to those sensitive to non-consensual sex

“Storyline” gets a bit weird

Explanation to Positive Feedback

Nice artwork

Links Worth Checking Out

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1558 of them. Yeah, it’s one of those games.


1500 achievements + 13 pretty girl CG + plot + puzzle。 Sakura, a novice adventurer, alone in pursuit of goblin to the depths, accidentally by…

Game Length

1 hour, probably less.

Replay Value



This is it. It’s simply a puzzle game where you put together a number of different images.

Girl and Goblin Review

I don’t really have much to say on this game. It definitely caters to the achievement hunters (as well as the other pool of people who would buy it–you know who you are, you one-handed gamers). Can’t say that I’m a fan of being spammed with achievements while I’m enjoying the graphics of a puzzle, or trying to piece a scene together.

One of the things I don’t understand is how they forgot to put the title of the game on the menu screen. Like…hello? What game am I playing again?

Maybe people don’t want to be reminded.

As far as the artwork goes–I’ve seen better, but it’s still pretty good. And pleasant to stare at, whether the people have clothes or not, thank you very much. Of course, the females are going to be the center of attention, so the artwork on them is a whole lot better than the goblins. They were sub-par. Like the artists didn’t really care about them and they became oversimplified fodder for the image to make sense. 

I think that’s stupid. Why are you going to make a game where you can’t even draw the main creatures assaulting the woman? No wonder she’s freaking out, their schlong doesn’t even look that great either.

Finally, the soundtrack.

It isn’t a bad thing to listen to. It’s actually a nice part of the game, but I wish they’d changed it up a bit. Have it more dramatic on some of the puzzles while mellow on others. Ah well. It gets you through what you need to get through.

And there’s no moaning.

It’s the little things that cheer me up inside.