Sungrass, as implied by the name, tends to grow in the sunny regions of the world. There are a fair amount of zones that have this herb in it, but not all are suitable for farming. Seeing as it’s also sort of an old-school herb, you might not find a lot of competition.

For me, personally, I never went out of my way to find this herb.

Unless it was selling well on the Auction House, of course.

But on a more serious, this herb is more catered to both alchemy (in order to create potions and elixirs) as well as inscription (because it’s such an easily obtained herb to mill into pigments.)

If I did ever go after this herb in the past, it would’ve been mainly for my inscriptionist.


What are your PC specs?

What addons are used for farming Sungrass in WoW?

Is this a Sungrass herbalism route for Classic WoW?

No. I play retail, not Classic World of Warcraft, so these routes might not be the ones for you to go by.

In case they aren’t, you might want to check out VanillaGuides, as they might have updated Herbalism routes for Classic.

What professions benefit from Herbalism?

Obviously Herbalism is going to be your go-to profession first and foremost, because you can’t exactly pick flowers without said profession to begin with. You may, however, have a slim chance of finding this herb in certain treasure chests of the world.

Just don’t farm them this way. It’s not a healthy lifestyle.

There are three different secondary professions you can choose from that coincide with Herbalism, as far as Sungrass goes.

  • Alchemy
  • Enchanting
  • Inscription

Alchemy will grant a few different statistical upgrades, but don’t forget the Invisibility Potion.

Enchanting actually enhances your herbalism skill, if that’s needed for you. If not for you, then maybe others. Obviously, if you’re a higher level and are maxed out in the profession, this kind of enchanting won’t help you.

Inscription mills stacks of five herbs down into pigments. You can acquire a lot of this herb in a variety of zones, so it’s one of the perfects ones to actually mill down.

What Herbalism routes aren’t mentioned?

The zones mentioned below are ones that I tested and weren’t up to snuff. Some of these routes I need to redo, since it’s been quite a long while since I last updated things.

Dismissed Zones

  • Burning Steppes
    The zone has Sungrass, but doesn’t net you enough on Herbalism farming alone. The respawn is terrible. Instead, I’ve made an Herbalism/Mining combo route, only found in my In-Depth Farming Guide.
  • Searing Gorge
    This zone is just bad for farming herbs in general.
  • Silithus
    I’ll need to do another route in this zone, as I don’t think it’s that bad of a place to farm and can net quite a decent amount.
  • Thousand Needles
    Sungrass is found on the land portion of Thousand Needles, but because this zone is basically 85% submerged in water, this herb is few and far between.

Maps, Routes, and Data

Reduced resolution
The routes in this section offer you full view of the maps in question, at a reduced resolution of 1280×720. In order to get the full resolution of 2560×1440, you’ll need to purchase my In-Depth Farming Guide. It offers a variety of routes for each zone, with all the data I’ve accumulated over the years of farming.

  • My herbalist is a Horde druid, thus giving faster herbing times.
  • Herbalism skill isn’t high enough? Then you’ll gather Sungrass Stalk.
  • Overall farming time per zone: 30 minutes.

Eastern Kingdoms


Sungrass Farming Route in Badlands

Firstly, this zone is catered to farming Dragon’s Teeth.

Secondly, if you don’t acquire enough herbs of any kind, then they won’t respawn on time. (At least, as a druid, they didn’t for me.) Which makes this not a great zone to farm in, unless you also need or have use for the other herb as well.

  • Sungrass – 151

Eastern Plaguelands

Sungrass Farming Route in Eastern Plaguelands

This is the best zone for Sungrass.

As a result, if there is any competition, they’ll more than likely be here. A good portion of it is littered with Sungrass, and so the amount of herbs you get in this lower half route will net you a good amount. Hopefully your other competition isn’t just focused on the lower half, and are going towards the upper portion as well.

This will allow herbs to respawn faster for you.

  • Sungrass – 182


If you’re curious as to how much gold you can possibly gain from the items listed below, you can always check out The Undermine Journal, choose your region, and then your realm. After that, search for the items below and see what they’ve been selling for lately.


Elixir of Giants
Skill: 245 | Usable | Learned via World Drop


  • (1) Sungrass
  • (1) Gromsblood
  • (1) Crystal Vial

Elixir of Greater Agility
Skill: 240 | Usable | Learned via Profession Trainers


  • (1) Sungrass
  • (1) Goldthorn
  • (1) Crystal Vial

Elixir of Superior Defense
Skill: 265 | Usable | Learned via Vendor


  • (2) Stonescale Oil
  • (1) Sungrass
  • (1) Crystal Vial

Invisibility Potion
Skill: 235 | Usable | Learned via World Drop


  • (1) Ghost Mushroom
  • (1) Sungrass
  • (1) Crystal Vial

Superior Healing Potion
Skill: 215 | Usable | Learned via Profession Trainers


  • (1) Sungrass
  • (1) Khadgar’s Whisker
  • (1) Crystal Vial

Superior Mana Potion
Skill: 260 | Usable | Learned via Profession Trainers


  • (2) Sungrass
  • (2) Blindweed
  • (1) Crystal Vial


Advanced Herbalism
Skill: 225 | Usable | Learned via unobtainable Formula


  • (2) Rich Illusion Dust
  • (3) Sungrass


Violet Pigment
Created by milling Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas’ Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, or Gromsblood


  • Stacks of five of the herbs mentioned above.

Ruby Pigment
Created by milling Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Arthas’ Tears, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, or Gromsblood


  • Stacks of five of the herbs mentioned above.