Silver Ore can be found wherever there happens to be a Tin Ore node. I feel like this type of ore shows up more often than a lot of the other rare ores, but perhaps that’s just because I spend more time in the zones that spawn this sucker.


What are your PC specs?

What addons are used for farming Silver Ore in WoW?

Is this a Silver Ore Mining route for Classic WoW?

No. I play retail, not Classic World of Warcraft, so these routes might not be the ones for you to go by.

In case they aren’t, you might want to check out WoW Farming, as they might have updated Mining routes for Classic. I don’t think I’ll dive into the Classic era, as the hype seemed to have died down pretty quick.

What professions benefit from Mining?

Mining, since there’s no way to prospect Silver with JC, and you can’t craft with it on your own. Thus, the only profession that would be able to use it is Mining, for smelting purposes.

What else can you get from farming Silver Ore?

You have a chance of gathering Lesser Moonstone, Moss Agate, and Shadowgem.

Maps, Routes, and Data

Reduced resolution
The routes in this section offer you full view of the maps in question, at a reduced resolution of 1280×720. In order to get the full resolution of 2560×1440, you’ll need to purchase my In-Depth Farming Guide. It offers a variety of routes for each zone, with all the data I’ve accumulated over the years of farming.

  • My miner is a Horde druid, thus giving faster in-and-out flight form.
  • Mining skill isn’t high enough? Then you’ll gather Silver Ore Nugget.
  • Overall farming time per zone: 30 minutes.

Eastern Kingdoms

The best place to farm Silver Ore is on this continent, and it’s a zone that’s highly valued when it comes to farming. You might also find a ton of people here when certain holidays come around.

Hillsbrad Foothills

Silver Ore and the Best Routes for Farming Them

One of the absolute best places to farm both Tin and Silver Ore, and because of this, there are usually other farmers about. Not only that, but during the winter holidays, events take place in this zone, causing more traffic. Aside from all that, a definite go-to area.

  • Silver Ore – 51


While the zone on this continent won’t net you as much silver when it comes to mining, it’s still a decent chunk with a lot less competition.

Stonetalon Mountains

Silver Ore and the Best Routes for Farming Them

Ironically, I actually found more Silver in this zone than in Hillsbrad in my last route rotation for information, but this rotation didn’t net me much. I might chalk the possibility of more nodes to not having any caves to go into like there are in Hillsbrad. Also, Stonetalon won’t have much of any competition.

  • Silver Ore – 22


If you’re curious as to how much gold you can possibly gain from the items listed below, you can always check out The Undermine Journal, choose your region, and then your realm. After that, search for the items below and see what they’ve been selling for lately.


Silver Bar
Used by Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, and Engineering
Equipments galore, though there are also keys that can be crafted, which people who aren’t rogues tend to like.


  • (1) Silver Ore