Which Came First? is a quest within the game Fae Farm.

Which Came First? Guide

Buy a chickoo from Earline

Fae Farm Which Came First?

You’re only buying a chickoo for this quest, but note that you can only buy one animal at a time, and each animal costs 200 florins. By the time you come across this quest, you should have enough gold for a chickoo, but in case you don’t, sell some cooked food or fish, because they sell for a good amount on their own.

Register the chickoo in your coop ledger

Fae Farm Which Came First?
Fae Farm Which Came First?

After buying, make your way to your farm, and the coop is on the right side.

Interact with the book in order to register the chickoo.

The day ended before I could register the animal, how do I get it back?

Fae Farm Which Came First?

I found out personally that if the day ends and you haven’t registered your animal it’ll disappear. It won’t be in the coop, it won’t be on your farm, and you won’t be able to register anything. Luckily, you didn’t waste your money and your animal is still available to you.

Go back to the area where you purchased said animal and check in the outside stable section. Since we’re talking about a chickoo here, it’ll be sitting on a bail of hay. Approach it for a “follow” prompt and take it to your farm to register.

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