The Plan, to fly…that’s the plan.

Hear me out. I was going through a whole bunch of games on Steam that had the “emotional” tag on it, and this was one of them that came up. I don’t even think I really looked at the screenshots of it, and I certainly didn’t read anything about them. I just judged by a couple screenshots or the title itself.

Is it emotional? Well…do you feel bad when you kill a fly?

Who is this game for?

Game length

Less than 30 minutes


Explanation to Negative Feedback


To be fair, you are playing in the life of a fly, so you’re not going to live for very long anyway, but…it would’ve been nice if there was a bit more to the shortness.

Explanation to Positive Feedback

You get to be a fly

I’m not sure if this is the positive feedback you were looking for, but hey, this is probably the only time you’ll get to actually be a fly. Live by it. Die by it.

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The Plan Review

The Plan
The Plan

I’ve played some weird shit in my time on Steam, but, I’m still trying to figure out what the fuck I just played here.

This game comes from the developers behind Among the Sleep, and starts out looking at a close up of a house fly which is…disconcerting. I actually got goosebumps staring at it, because flies aren’t that pretty to begin with, and an up close shot of them is even more gross.

I’d ask why it couldn’t have been a butterfly, but if you’ve ever seen their faces up close that would also be a nope on things I want to stare at in a video game.

Anyway, since you’re playing as the fly, your main objective is to just fly. You don’t have to go all the way to the left or all the way to the right as there’s an invisible wall at some point so you can’t go all that far anyway. You just have to fly upwards.

For a good while I couldn’t really focus on anything else other than the fact that the fly is on my screen, it’s in my screen, and it’s gross. And there wasn’t too much to focus on anyway aside from some blurred trees and leaves. The game doesn’t really do much visually until you get to a certain point, and that point you’re kind of in awe at both the majestic soundtrack and the view.

That’s for later though.

For now, we get to fly high and avoid leaves that are falling, because they’ll just bring you down. Nobody wants to be brought down when they’re flying high.

There’s a moment where I got caught on a spiderweb, but I don’t know if you’d actually be in danger of a spider coming to get you, since I wiggled out of that pretty damn quick. I mean, flies are gross to look at but, it’s a hell to the naw when it comes to spiders.

Of course, after saying that, I played the game again and stayed on the web for a bit and no spider ever came out to greet me. Despite me not wanting a spider to show its ugly face, I feel like that was a missed opportunity to put the fly in some kind of danger instead of the idea of danger with being stuck on a web and sudden horrific change of music. I don’t know the instrument, but something like glass on a windchime where they’re clinking together.

Once you’re past the spiderweb, it’s all uphill from here.

Sure, there are wind shears that push against you, but it’s nothing you can’t get out of, and yeah, there might be falling leaves as well, but just fly under and around and they’re no big deal. Get out of the thing that’s impeding your forward progress and move on.

While I did mention that the environment is rather bland in its detail, I guess I can see why. A fly isn’t really going to be engrossed by pretty things around it. It’s basically looking to fornicate and eat.

I would’ve taken the spider over the first option.

It’s going to be a whole lot of sky and a whole lot of trees or silhouettes of them for a bit, before what looks to be snowfall, and then the orchestra comes out of nowhere and blows us away like the wind did. I was definitely not expecting it, but it almost had a rising from the ashes vibe to it, like you were being reborn into something greater as you continued upwards.

Not only that, but we get some amazing clouds, like the heavens are looking upon us, and so we continue upwards, like Icarus flying into the sun.

Only it wasn’t a sun, it was a lightbulb, and we died.

So, as far as the plan goes? Was there a plan? Was the plan the whole time to just survive? I mean, that’s all a fly can really do, right? Considering their horribly short lifespans that can end in either very sudden, violent ways or…slow and torturous. But I guess in this game we went out in a blaze of glory, and not at all like going toward the sun as I had initially thought.

No. That sun is either a lightbulb or a bug zapper and, as with every fly’s life, we didn’t last very long.